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Live And Learn has been an award winning toy store since 1995!
Live And Learn is not only the oldest online toy store, it has been an award winning toy store since it first went online. It has won numerous awards such as a Cyber Teddy for its products and service, and the Wise Owl Honor Role for its content. It was one of the first online toys stores to allow itself to be rated by its customers at Bizrate.com and in 2004 it was selected as the best online toy store by Baltimore Magazine.

To be truthful, when we first went online it wasn't a big deal to be considered one of the best online stores, since there were only a few stores selling on the web. But now, with every major, mega company selling on the web we consider it a major accomplishment that we are still voted one of the best online toy stores for price, selection and service at bizrate.com and that we were selected as the Best Online Toy Store by the nationally renown, Baltimore Magazine!

Yes, we occasionally get a bad review from a customer because we may have run out of a product the customer was seeking, or UPS misrouted their package causing a day or two delay for delivery. But those are circumstances beyond our control, and happens very rarely.

But the absolute bottom line is...our customers vote us one of the best online toy stores day after day at Bizrate.com!

What is BizRate.com?

Bizrate.com is an online shopping guide that's powered by the people. It is an independent, third party that surveys online buyers on an ongoing basis. They compile their findings and feature Customer Certified Report Cards, on which ratings are displayed for more than 1,000 merchants for such important features as product selection, prices, and delivery policies.

In fact, you can view our current Customer Certified Report Card right now!

Please understand, Bizrate.com is not paid by merchants to rate their companies. The ratings come directly from a customer after they make an online purchase.

Therefore, the ratings, comments, and reviews you see at BizRate.com are trustworthy and completely unbiased making Bizrate.com an excellent resource to use when making important online buying decisions.

And as a web merchant we are very proud to participate in this unbiased program. We appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers be it good or bad! We learn what you like, and we learn what needs improving.

Yes, we live and learn!

We hope you will complete the Bizrate survey for us each and every time you shop at Live And Learn.

Let us, and others, know what you think of Live And Learn.

We hope it is good!

Your friends at liveandlearn.com

Live And Learn - Giving children a head start on tomorrow!