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Many people have used Paul successfully following Dr. Phil's potty training program!
A Potty And Wetting Doll Which Holds Water
Emma is Corolle's girl potty and wetting doll (she is not anatomically correct). She is designed to hold water until you or your child wants it released, but read on before you make the purchase.

Before we go into the specifics of this doll, take a look at Emma!

Emma - A girl potty and wetting doll by Corolle dolls
As you can see, Emma is an all vinyl, 14 inch baby doll. She has dark blue, blinking glass eyes, hand painted features and comes wearing a tee shirt and a panties. Included with Emma is a potty, diaper, bottle and pacifier. And last, but not least, Emma has Corolle's wonderful vanilla scent.

Emma is an extremely popular doll. She can drink, she can go the bathroom, she can be bathed, and she closes his eyes when she lays down to go to sleep. She is a great play doll, and a great potty training doll.

Please understand, there is a knack to using Emma. Some people (children and adults) find it difficult to feed her, her bottle, and the water doesn't always go where they want it to go. And unless unless you get the hang of handling her properly, she may eliminate her water prematurely.

This is the nature of Emma...whether you buy her from us, or from another store. No one else tells you this, but we feel you have a right to know the facts before you make the purchase.

Many people have used Emma successfully following Dr. Phil's potty training program, and some people have been frustrated by this doll.

We offer Emma as a service to those of you looking for a potty doll which is designed to hold water and eliminate on cue.

But once again, Emma is sold as a final sale with no return privileges.
Ages 3 and up.

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