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If you browse the web for this game the other sites will all have the same write-up which starts "Four Fun-tastic Card Games..." because they simply took the copy from the package and copied it onto their web site. They probably never played the games, let alone open the box!

If they did actually check out the game they would tell you that this is a deck of nice quality, large kid-friendly cards featuring the letters of the alphabet enhanced by silly appealing graphics. And included in the set are rules for four developmental fun games geared towards children ages 3 and up.

Alphabet Zoop
Alphabet Zoop includes rules for an Old Maid type game, a Go Fish type game, an alphabet sequencing game and a memory match game. Some of the games can be played differently depending on the age of the players. Alphabet Zoop has won a few awards and was created by a team of educators and parents.

Alphabet Zoop is a fun way to introduce, or further develop a child's mastery of the alphabet. Besides the games included in the set, an imaginative parent will find many other ways to use this set of alphabet cards to teach their child to spell simple words, learn the vowels, etc.

For ages 3 and up.

Alphabet Zoop
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