Earth And Eco Friendly Green Toys

Earth Friendly Toys To Help Save The Planet
Green Eco Friendly Toys
Eco Friendly toys, also known as Green Toys and Earth Friendly toys are products made from materials that do less harm to the planet than toys made with traditional materials. A Green or Eco Friendly toy might be made from recycled plastics, organic fabrics or wood from replenished forests. Many companies making Earth Friendly toys use minimal packaging, packaging from recycled products, or no packaging at all.

There is no strictly defined definition of an Eco Friendly toy. At Live And Learn, if we label a toy as being Eco Friendly, we will tell you why. We don't believe, as many of our competitors do, if a toy relies on "kid-power" then it can be called an Eco Friendly toy. No, for us to call a toy Eco Friendly it must meet certain criteria that we believe makes it Earth Friendly and Green such as being made from sustainable sources, renewable woods, vegetable dyes, recycled or reused materials, etc.

As you browse the individual toys we have listed as Earth Friendly Green Toys we will provide complete details about the item, and what makes it green! 

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