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Below  are a few great ideas for your very own Madeline birthday party. We start with the cake!


A plain sheet cake with white frosting, yellow decorative icing around the edge and the birthday greeting in blue is perfect. Add to the middle of the cake a Madeline center piece and viola!

Here is a quick way to make a small Madeline center piece...

Download and save the following picture to your computer and print two copies of the picture (if you are not sure how to download and print the picture you can simply hit the print button on your browser and print this web page twice), carefully cut out the pictures and paste each picture to a piece of light-weight cardboard the same size as the picture, then paste the two Madeline pictures to a popsicle stick with the pictures facing away from the stick (leaving the bottom half of the popsicle stick protruding, then when you are ready...insert the exposed part of the popsicle stick into the middle of the cake and you have a Madeline center piece for your birthday cake!

Madeline Birthday Party Center Piece Image

If you are real ambitious, and have some baking skills, try making the ultimate Madeline Hat Cake!

Our friend Laurie sent us some great Madeline ideas a few years ago, and everyone who tried it told us the cake was a big hit. A link to her ideas is At the bottom of this web page.


A good activity to start the party is to have each child make their own Madeline Placemat when they arrive. As the children arrive hand them each some crayons and a sheet of drawing or construction paper. Ask them to draw a picture of themselves with Madeline on the paper. Have some pictures of Madeline available for them to use as inspiration. Later, when the children are ready to eat, you can put their placemat pictures around the table. Your guests can have some fun finding their own drawings, and they can sit where you have put their placemat. 

After everyone is at the party it is time to get them in the mood. Start by playing a game of Pin The Tail On Genevieve or Place The Hat On Madeline. Simply make a large drawing of Genevieve to play Pin The Tail On Genevieve or make a drawing of Madeline to play Place The Hat On Madeline. You need a little artistic talent to make the game, but not too much! The children won't care if the picture doesn't look perfect, they just want to have a good time. The game is played just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey. It should evoke a lot of fun and giggles.

Another game you can play to keep the mood is a variation of musical chairs. But instead of stopping music in the middle of a song and having the children scramble for a chair, read the story Madeline, and stop in the middle of sentences and have them scramble!

And then of course, we cannot forget Simon Says. But at a Madeline Birthday Party it is called Madeline Says! Madeline Says is best played if the adult is Madeline.

Now, here is a fun game we call Poor Genevieve. All the children sit in a circle with one child in the center as Genevieve. Genevieve then approaches one of the children in the circle and then says, "Woof, Woof". The child who is approached must pet Genevieve's head and say, "Poor Genevieve, Poor Genevieve". Genevieve then must try to make that person laugh within a minute. Genevieve can make silly faces or sounds, but Genevieve cannot talk! If the child laughs, she/he becomes the next Genevieve. If the child does not laugh, Genevieve tries someone else.

We hope this page gave you some ideas for your Madeline Birthday Party. And of course we hope you decide to purchase your Madeline birthday party goods from us.

But remember, our ideas are just the start. If you use your imagination we are sure you can come up with many ideas of your own. And if you, please let us know, so we can add them to this page for others to try!

And don't forget to click on the link below which features the Madeline Hat Cake and other ideas our friend Lauri sent us.

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