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Lincoln Logs are a classic building toy. They have been around since the early nineteen hundreds. Lincoln Logs were very popular in the nineteen forties, and they were one of the first toys to be advertised on television in the nineteen fifties.

Over the years Lincoln Logs have changed. They have replaced many wooden pieces with plastic. And Lincoln Logs sets have become quite expensive!

But now there is an alternative...our all wood, 300 piece, Tumbletree Timbers Log Building Set!!!

Tumbletree Timbers - Lincoln Logs Compatible, Wood Logs Building Set - Closed View
The set contains enough pieces to make the town shown above.
Please note the ratio of smaller pieces to larger pieces.
A picture of the actual contents is further down.

Our Tumbletree Timbers, all wood building set, is an unbelievable bargain. Just take a look at the pictures on this web page...that is what we call a log building set. And yes, our fake Lincoln Logs set is completely compatible with real Lincoln Logs.

This fantastic set includes real wooden notched logs, and wooden roof slats which let children create an entire town. This is more like the log building sets of the nineteen fifties than any other we've seen. Even Lincoln Logs doesn't make a set this terrific!

In fact, the only all wooden Lincoln Logs set we could find was a 150 piece collector's set for one hundred dollars. Compare that to this large, all wood 300 piece set for ONLY $34.95!

No, we do not give you a fancy wooden case with a leather handle to hold the logs like you get with the Lincoln Logs collector's set. Instead, we give you one hundred and fifty extra playing pieces. That's right, twice the amount of pieces...and our set is less than one third the price!

The choice is can spend about a hundred dollars for a 150 piece Lincoln Logs set with a fancy case, or you can spend nearly one third that amount and get our log packed 300 piece set. We opened a set for you to look at...logs, logs logs galore!

Tumbletree Timbers - Lincoln Logs Compatible, Wood Logs Building Set - Open View
A great set for building.
Yes, there are quite a bit more small pieces than large. 
But you know what, your child will have a great time with this set!

We take great pride in being honest concerning the products we sell. Our pictures are accurate, and our descriptions truthful. Even so, we recently had a customer complain that there were too many small logs in the set. She thought that bigger is better, and wanted more longer logs. We on the other hand, believe smaller pieces require more thought, coordination and imagination from children. So, from a developmental point of view, bigger may not be better.

And you know aren't hung up on size. To them, this is one great set!

Ultimately, the choice is yours...spend about a hundred dollars for a 150 piece Lincoln Logs set or spend only $34.95 and get our 300 piece log building set.

And if you want more longer logs (by the way, we sell tons of these sets all year round and only had the one complaint since we started selling them a few years ago) get two or three sets...that's what you will pay for one 150 piece Lincoln Logs set!

For ages 3 and up.

Warning - Choking Hazard - Not for children under 3 yaers of age.

300 Piece Log Building Set
Item #5656 - $34.95
You can have this item gift wrapped for $7.50
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Thank you very much.

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300 Piece Log Building Set
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