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Two great travel games!
One of the most popular pages on our web site is our informational page which discusses games to play in the car with your child such as "20 Questions" and "Geography". But on a real long car trip, when you need to pull out all of the stops, our Travel Picture Bingo and Magnetic Road Trip are great aids to have up your sleeve!
Picture Bingo Car Game - Package
Magnetic Road Trip - Package
Both games are great for entertaining children in the car. But be advised, Picture Bingo is for children ages 3 and up, whereas the manufacturer says Road Trip is for children ages 6 and up. We are not sure why there are different age recommendations since they are similar type games. Our guess is that Road Trip has smaller marking pieces which may be a little hard for a younger child to manipulate, but overall, we think ages 4 and up is fine for both games.

Both sets include games which are are easy to play, fun and entertaining. Each set comes with at least three variations of play, but we are sure you will be able to think of more!

But what exactly are these games? We are glad you asked!

In effect, they are magnetic sticker sets...sort of a magnetic Colorforms game.

Picture Bingo Details

Picture Bingo Car Game - Full Shot
Picture Bingo comes with a special bingo card play board, a set of magnetic stickers and a set of removable bingo markers. You set up your bingo board by placing the magnetic stickers on the board (placement depends on the game you are going to play) and you're ready to go.

The magnetic stickers can be used over and over again to create new bingo boards, so no two games are ever the same. Set up your bingo cards randomly, make both cards the same, go for traditional bingo, play full card...there are many variations!

Picture Bingo is a great way for children to entertain themselves in the car.

Each package includes two boards and two sets of markers and magnetic stickers. Each Picture Bingo board measures about 7 inches by 9 inches.

Picture Bingo Car Game - Zoom Shot

Magnetic Road Trip Details

Magnetic Road Trip Car Game - Full Shot
Magnetic Road Trip comes with a special play board which pictures a typical town and a set of magnetic, removable markers in two colors. In one version of the game, the child simply looks out the window and whenever he/she sees something on the play board a sticker is placed on the object.

The game can be played by one player or two, and there are other games to play as well. Magnetic Road Trip is a great way for children to entertain themselves in the car.

Although this a small, almost pocket sized game when folded closed, when opened the playing board measures 8"-x-6".

Magnetic Road Trip Car Game - Zoom Shot


Chocking Hazard Warning - Not For Children Under 3 Years Of Age.

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Thank you very much.

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