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Our privacy policy is quite simple. The information you provide when you place an order is used to process, ship and track your order...and for no other purpose. We keep your information on file to make subsequent orders easier for you, and to do research in case you have a question about your account.

While you are shopping on our site we collect anonymous data by use of cookies. This is very common place, and nearly all online shopping sites do the same thing. The cookies provides market research data to us, to Google (who manages our analysis for us) and certain third parties. The data does not have personal identifying information about you. If you do not want your online habits to be tracked lease go to and install the removal add on for your browser.

Unlike most stores, and companies, online and brick and mortar, we have been in business since 1988 and have never sold, rented, or given away any personal customer information to anyone. You will not be placed on any mailing list, nor will you ever receive marketing phone calls from us.

We have no intention of disclosing any personal information you provide to anyone in the future unless mandated by a court of law or law enforcement agency in the course of their official business.

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