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Wooden Storage Case For Standard Size Puzzles 
Front view of puzzle storage case.
Puzzle case features solid wood construction!

This is our wooden storage case for standard size puzzles. It features ample space to store twelve puzzles ranging in length from about ten and a half inches to twelve inches in length. And the spacing from row to row is about three quarters of an inch in the puzzle case.

The overall outer dimensions of the puzzle storage case are approximately thirteen and a half inches wide by ten and a half inches high by nine and a half inches deep. 

These dimensions allow for the storage of all types of puzzles including wooden tray puzzles, wooden peg puzzles...even our popular Lauri foam puzzles, but it will not accommodate our extra thick chunky puzzles!

Puzzle storage case shown with puzzles.
Sorry, puzzles are not included.

Wait A Second-We Have A Deal For You!
You Can Now Get The Case With Six Puzzles Included

Get The Case With or Without Puzzles

We are always quite candid about the products we sell. Although this is a solid storage case (it even has a heavy duty metal resting rack), this is not a hand crafted heirloom quality storage case. It is simply a well made, reasonably priced and fully functional puzzle storage case!

The top, bottom and sides of the case are made of compressed wood. The top and bottom are about a quarter inch thick, and the sides are about three quarters of an inch thick. The interior puzzle rack is thick solid metal.

Angled view of puzzle storage case.
Metal racking and storage for twelve puzzles!
Can Store Peg Puzzles, Wooden Inlay Puzzles, Fuzzy Puzzles, Lauri Puzzles
But Cannot Accommodate Our Extra Thick Chunky Puzzles

The construction includes routed grooves, nailing, glue and a light semi gloss coating.  Yes, there are fancier solid hardwood storage cases being made, but you won't find a better value for your money than this storage case. We looked for long time and haven't found a better combination of quality and price yet.

Wnat Puzzles Too? The Choice Is Yours!

Here is a great deal for you--get the puzzle case described about already filled with six classic, wooden learning puzzles - leaving you with space for six additional puzzles!

That's right, you can have the case shipped to you with the following puzzles already included. It is the easiest way to give your child a headstart on tomorrow, and keep things tidy as well.

The puzzles and case set we are selling has a retail value of $100.00, but of course we will not charge you that much. Included with the case you get the following starter peg puzzles for a young puzzler.

Puzzles Included With Case Option
Top Four Puzzles Not Show Completely
(For Instance - You Get The Whole Alphabet)

The six puzzles are all wooden peg puzzles.

The Animal and Vehicles puzzles are mix and match puzzles, meaning that for each puzzle the removable pieces can be placed in any space on the board. For a beginner it allows them to focus on the fine motor skills needed to do puzzling without getting frustrated, and for older children it allows them to understand the logic of completion, and for the oldest of peg puzzlers it lets them make silly combinations.

The set also includes a classic alphabet and numbers puzzle.


Please be an informed consumer. Before placing an order take the time to read our shopping information web page by clicking on the link below. It explains all of our company policies such as shipping times, fees, returns, gift wrapping options, etc.

Thank you very much.

Shopping Information!

Wooden Puzzle Case Without Puzzles
Item #3128
Retail $50.00
Only $31.95!
Cannot Be Gift Wrapped
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Wooden Puzzle Case
ONLY $31.95

Wooden Puzzle Case With Puzzles
Item #7141
Retail Value $100.00
Only $74.95!
Cannot Be Gift Wrapped
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Wooden Puzzle Case
ONLY $74.95

We have many puzzles to choose from!

Live And Learn - giving children a head start on tomorrow!

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