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Crystal (Magic) Garden

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Magic Garden
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Manufacturer: Schylling
Price: $5.95
Product ID : 5047
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Now known as the Crystal Garden
Same great kit as before with a new name and packaging!

What is the Magic/Crystal Garden? It is a really cool, easy to do project which fascinates children of all ages, and adults too. Here is a quick overview!

You construct the Magic/Crystal Garden from the special cardboard cut-outs which come in the box. Making the mountain, trees and shrubbery is quite simple. Most children will be able to do it with little or no adult assistance. 

Our tester was 9 years old when we evaluated this product. She did have a slight problem balancing a tree, and it did require an adult to suggest that she use a tiny bit of scotch tape to hold the tree steady. No other adult intervention was required, not even to interpret the instructions. She did it all on her own.

Once you have your landscape set up on a table or tray (where it can remain undisturbed) you add the special magic solution which comes in the package.

After adding the special magic solution you wait...but not for long. That is what we really like about his kit. You don't have to wait weeks, days or even hours to see the results. In less than an hour your Magic/Crystal Garden will start to take shape. And before long, a beautiful, vibrant, winter wonderland landscape will grow right in front of your eyes!

Before you know it, your Magic/Crystal Garden is starting to grow! Flowers will bloom, the trees will bud and snow will appear on the mountain and the complete transformation is completed in about 10 hours.

Check it out!

Magic Garden Phase 6
Magic Garden Phase 7

Magic Garden Phase 8

Once your Magic/Crystal Garden is fully grown it will last for days. This is a unique item that is fun to do and pretty to look at afterwards. It is cool to watch the metamorphosis of the Crystal Garden. It is truly magic.

It is a fun, easy to do project that won't disappoint!

The manufacturer recommends the Crystal Garden for ages 8 and up, but we think it is suitable for younger ages with supervision.