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We are glad that you are taking the time to learn about us. In short, Live And Learn is a Maryland, USA based retailer of better children's products. We have been in business since 1988. Although we are a family run business, we are a S Corporation. As with all Maryland based businesses, our company records are available to the public. And finally, we are proud to have the distinction of being the oldest online toy store.

That's right, we are the oldest operating online toy store. In fact, when we first started Live And Learn, people in the toy industry thought we were crazy to think we could sell toys on the Internet! Well, who is laughing now?

Since we began, the "big boys" have come and gone, but lo and behold, we have been here since the dawn of the web...and will be here tomorrow because we know what we are doing, we know our customers, and we have a thorough knowledge of the products we sell.

Disney owned toysmart.com vanished overnight as did redrocket.com which was owned by Viacom Inc., toytime.com is gone and the biggest of all, etoys.com is a fading memory. And analysts are still worried about many of the other biggies!

We are still here because we are not a huge corporation trying to cash in on a new selling media. We are still here because we are real "toy people". We know our products, we limit our stock to the best toys available, we maintain proper inventories, we sell our toys at fair prices, and most of all...we treat our customers as people, not invoice numbers, and we offer real personalized customer service.

You can actually call us on the phone, and speak directly with the person handling your order. We would like to see you try that at the mega stores which are online!

Live And Learn is a strong, solvent company with a solid track record and a long history of e-commerce. We are a reliable and safe shopping site. All orders are transmitted to us via 128 bit encryption. And as an added security measure, all paper copies with customer data are shredded after 90 days!

Yes, you can purchase with confidence at Live And Learn, and get a personalized shopping experience if you need it.

Although we are an online store (we do not have a paper catalog or a traditional walk-in store), customers in our local area are welcome to shop in our warehouse or pick up their order from our location in Owings Mills, Maryland to save shipping fees. Your order can be placed online with the pickup option and you can pick up your order which will be ready and waiting when you arrive! Or better yet, you may want to stop by and shop at the warehouse. There are usually warehouse specials and additional discounts available for our local customers. You can read more about warehouse shopping and hours at:


As we stated earlier, Live And Learn is a privately held, small, but growing corporation. Although we are not actively seeking investors or partners, any legitimate proposal will be given serious consideration.

Our customer base is world wide. Current customers include public and private schools, day care centers, home day care providers, teachers, concerned parents, and celebrities.

We also do business with companies needing products for presentations, television and video producers seeking props, and institutions needing toys, games and play equipment in waiting areas.


The Live And Learn web site is actually two sites in one. We have The Learning Pages, which has information and resources for teachers, daycare providers and concerned parents. And we have the Live And Learn Online Catalog, which features high quality educational and specialty toys at discounted prices.

Our site is not too fancy. Rather than employ all the latest bells and whistles, we put our efforts into finding valuable content for our reference pages. We believe that content is more important than glitz. Because of this focus, we are one of the better portals to the many educational resources the WEB has to offer.

At Live And Learn you will encounter some of the best customer service representatives on the web. Whether you are asking about an article, link or game on our Learning Pages, or a product, price or shipping option on our Online Catalog...you will get a quick, courteous and helpful response. We pride ourselves in the efforts we take to help you. As one of the first businesses on the web, we remember when the web meant helping each other, not selling to each other. Selling was an after thought!


We created this site with you in mind. In fact, the site is constantly modified based on all the feedback we receive from visitors. As we mentioned earlier, the Learning Pages is a place where teachers, parents, daycare providers, and children can find valuable resources and information. The Internet is a fantastic place, but finding things can often be very frustrating. We make your search a little easier. Some of the things you will find at the The Learning Pages are: 

  • Children's book reviews
  • How to buy a safe toy
  • Toys recalled by the CPSC
  • A child safety checklist
  • Games for preschoolers
  • Our very own kids page
  • Links to other great sites

And our Online Catalog is modified based on visitor feedback too! As a retailer of high quality, educational children's products such as manipulatives, toys, games, crafts and puzzles we value your input and listen to everything you have to say.

Our Online Catalog includes nearly everything we sell. We do not offer a paper catalog, but if you do not see what you want on our site send us an email. We may have what you are seeking! Some of the major products and product lines we offer include:

  • Madeline (we have more Madeline than any other web site we have seen)
  • Lauri manipulatives
  • Potholder Looms and Loops
  • Corolle dolls (we are one of the largest Corolle retailers in the world!)
  • DVD's
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Calico Critters
  • Play mats
  • Wooden kitchen sets
  • PLUS MORE...and it is all discounted!


  • Discount Prices
  • No Pushy Sales People
  • Thirty Day Return Policy
  • No Lines To Wait On
  • Quick Delivery
  • Children Can't Break Anything In Store
  • Support Small Business
  • Never A Problem Finding A Parking Space
  • All Questions Answered Quickly By E-Mail


The heart of any good WEB site is its links to other related sources. Our links on the Learning Pages include teacher sites, daycare provider pages, parenting servers, online reference books, newspapers, magazines, museums, schools and so much more.


We hope you bookmark Live And Learn in your browser. When you want to cruise the WEB for quality educational sites we will have the links you need! And when you are in the market for a better children's gift, you will have the best resource on your desk top!

That is the scoop. If you have any additional questions please let us hear from you. 


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