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Quercetti Filo

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Quercetti Filo
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Manufacturer: Quercetti
OUR Price: $21.95
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Filo Lacing System By Quercetti - We love old school types of toys such as blocks, puzzles etc. Well, Quercetti Filo falls into this category of back to basics toys. Quercetti Filo is a unique lacing kit that will entertain, challenge and stimulate not only your child, but you as well. Yes, adults love this set too!

What sets this lacing manipulative apart fom other lacing kits is its unique lacing board...simply slide a lace into the lacing pen, poke the pen into the board, pull it out, and it is time to move along.

No tangled laces, no need to flip the board to sew from one side to the next.

It is a magical board that consists of a series of circles with Y-shaped incisions. The incisions grab the lace and hold onto it, and once your child is finished with their design, simply tug the laces out of the board and start a new work of art!

Although the set comes with patterns to follow, you can experiment and create original masterpieces as well.

Using the set with patterns reminds some people of doing counted cross-stitch because you are required to do some counting in order to follow the pattern correctly.

There is so much learning value in this fun product...counting, manual dexterity, fine finger control and pattern following, And to think it comes in a well made and compact compact travel/storage/play case.

Filo is great for home, travel, in waiting rooms, in the car, to take to grandma's.

And as it says at the top of this page, this is made in Italy, not China. The quality of Quercetti Filo is top rate, as are all Quercetti products made in Italy.

INCLUDES: Sturdy Carry/Storage/Play Case Measuring Approximately 11 inches x8 inches x 1-1/2 inches, 9 Double Sided Pattern Boards With 18 Pictures To Create, Small Picture Album Pamphlet Featuring Additional Picture Ideas, 4 Colored Laces, 4 Lacing Tools.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.