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Super Marble Run Vortex

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Super Marble Run Vortex
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Manufacturer: Quercetti
OUR Price: $54.95
Regular Retail: $69.95
You Save: $15.00
Product ID : 5469
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The Super Marble Run Vortex, which is NOT made in China, is a terrific building set which stimulates a child's reasoning, creativity and manual skills. But above is a really fun, cool neat toy!

When we search for products we check out large companies and small ones. We don't limit our search to famous brands, And we certainly don't look for fad products. We want well made, unique items which stand out, and have some educational value. We want products that won't disappoint you, or the child who will receive it. And the first time we saw the Super Marble Run Vortex we knew we found the perfect item!

This well made set is manufactured in Italy. It comes with tower tubes, drop-thru bridge connectors, coaster tracks and a slew of other great parts which, when put together, allows you to create awesome marble runs. And since there is no one way to put together the marble coaster, your child can create new designs every time.

If I were a kid again, this is one toy I would ask my parents to get is really cool.

In fact, I feel like opening the sample set in our office and playing with it right now. 

Hmm, no one is around...

The manufacturer states it is for ages 8 and up, but we think it is perfect for children from age 6 and up (with some assistance)!

This Super Marble Run Maxi set has 213 pieces.

Made In Italy.