Mind-Shapes Soft Blocks

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Wimmer Ferguson Mind Shapes
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Mind Shapes is made by Wimmer-Ferguson. Wimmer-Ferguson was the original innovator of black and white developmental baby toys. They first broke ground when they introduced the Stim Mobile many years ago. 

When Wimmer-Ferguson introduced their toys years ago, baby toys were bright and colorful. But Wimmer-Ferguson knew then what others learned later, newborn babies respond better to high contrast black and white graphics rather than color.

So, Wimmer-Ferguson introduced products that were black and white. No colors! Now, go into a store and what do you find?

You still find colorful toys, but you also find a large selection of toys which are just black and white.

So, why include color on the Mind Shapes set?

Because current research also indicates, changes in the eye during the third month significantly increase a baby's ability to see color. So, as baby gets older, color patterns begin to play a larger role in a child's development.

That's why Wimmer-Ferguson includes both color patterns as well as black and white patterns on each Mind Shapes piece.

The Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Shapes set includes three shapes which can be used together or individually. Each shape features multiple textures and an individual has a crinkle noise, one a rattle and one a chime. This wonderful set has won multiple awards and is a must for any concerned parent.

As we stated earlier, this is a product that will really help develop baby's visual acuity and gross motor skills. As a new baby gift for a friend or relative...or as a gift for your own new baby, this is a worthwhile purchase!

Recommended for ages 0+.