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Berenguer Dolls By JC Toys

Berenguer Dolls By JC Toys

Berenguer dolls by JC Toys feature a wide selection of dolls from playful Lil'Cutesies to their award-winning, La Newborn collection of lifelike baby dolls that resemble real-life babies, otherwise known as the Berenguer Boutique Dolls.

The flagship Berenguer Boutique Dolls, are made in Spain with such attention to detail you would mistake the doll for a real baby. In fact, Berenguer smartly calls the Boutique La Newborn line of dolls Real Baby Dolls and each doll actually comes with a birth certificate ready for you to enter the name, date of birth, weight and length.


Lil Cutesies Best Friends - Lulu
Product ID : 9001
La Newborn 17 Inch Real Doll In Layette Set
Product ID : 9051
La Newborn - 14 Inch Doll Pink Layette
Product ID : 9064
La Newborn - 14 Inch Black Doll Layette
Product ID : 9073
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery - Rocking Horse
Product ID : 9074
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery - Crib
Product ID : 9075
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery - Tub
Product ID : 9076
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery - Stroller
Product ID : 9077
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery -Trike
Product ID : 9078
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery - Wagon
Product ID : 9079
Lil Cutesies Mini Nursery - Animal Ride-On
Product ID : 9080