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Alphablank Uppercase Blocks

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Alphablank Uppercase Blocks Made In The USA From Sustainable Wood
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Manufacturer: Uncle Goose
Price: $11.95
Product ID : 8520
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Make Your Own Custom Vintage Alphabet Blocks

Made In The USA!

14 Embossed Vintage Alphabet Blocks From Sustainable Wood

Each Block Measures Approximately 1-3/4 Inches Square

Our Alphablank Blocks are very special. They can be used as they come in their all natural wood finish. But, the unique feature of these blocks is that they can be personalized. You can color them yourself using any non-toxic material such as paints or markers. You can choose your own colors making this perfect for crafters who use alphabet blocks in their projects. And, the non-embossed alphabet sides of the blocks are a blank canvas waiting for your design. The Alphablanks allow you to create your own one of a kind set of alphabet blocks.

Our blank blocks provide something of a tabula rasa to nurture your creative nature. This block set includes 14 naked basswood cubes with 2 capital letters embossed on opposing sides. You'll get one complete alphabet (plus an extra A and E) to decorate any way you please. Art supplies are not included.

This is a high quality embossed set of vintage style alphabet blocks that will last a life time. Each beautiful alphabet block features embossed uppercase letters on two sides and the remaining sides are blank. The embossing gives depth and added detail to the blocks.

In order to determine how many sets you need if you want to spell a particular name or phrase here is the letter combination of each block in the set.

There are two A-E combination blocks, and one combination of the following blocks, B-P, C-N, D-Q, F-H, G-Y, I-J, L-K, M-W, O-X, R-S, T-Z and U-V.

Wooden alphabet blocks are a classic simple toy with no bells or whistles. They have great play value, and are a valuable learning tool. Alphabet blocks help children learn language, build fine motor skills and improve spatial reasoning. No batteries, no moving parts...yet they are often a child's favorite toy.

This great set includes 14 blocks you can customize to meet your needs, and each block in this set is the size you may remember as a child. They measure approximately 1-3/4 inches square. They are not the small alphabet blocks you may see in stores these days.

Recommended for ages 2 and up.


This product is considered an earth and eco friendly green toy. The manufacturer is concerned about our environment and uses only sustainable wood from farmed sources (planted and harvested on industry-managed land around the Great Lakes). Furthermore, their unique manufacturing process minimizes waste, both in their production and packaging.

The blocks are made from Michigan basswood, which is a natural product, and as such, some blocks may have shading variances and ring line streaks or spotting. These markings are normal, and to be expected.