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Hardwood Maple Unit Blocks - 68 Pieces

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68 Piece Hardwood Maple Blocks
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Hardwood Maple Unit Blocks

Made In The USA

Precision Cut - Natural Finish - Heirloom Quality

Our Hardwood Maple Unit Blocks
Resist Dents And Dings And Are
Guaranteed For Life!

There are many blocks sets available, but these are the real thing. These are hardwood Maple blocks made in the United States from virgin Midwest Hard Maple. They are cut to exact specification. They have no coatings whatsoever, and each block is individually inspected for irregularities or flaws before shipment.

This set includes the following 68 standard unit blocks pieces: TWO Double Unit Rectangles, SIX Full Units, SIX Half Units, TWO Columns, FOUR Half Columns, EIGHT Cubes, TWO Long Narrow Roof Planks, EIGHT Medium Narrow Roof Planks, EIGHT Short Medium Roof Planks, FOUR Triangles, FOUR Unit Road Planks, EIGHT Half Unit Road Planks, ONE Roman Arch, ONE Semi-Circle, and FOUR Half Rounded Columns.

These blocks are carefully sanded, and are unfinished, with blunted edges and corners. There are no oil finishes, dyes or paint coatings on these blocks. Since they are totally unfinished and completely free of chemicals, paint or insecticides, they are the most natural, pure blocks you will find...and because they are made from Maple, not Beech, Rubberwood, Basswood or other varieties...they are also the most durable and dense blocks you will find.

Maple is one of North America's premier hardwoods. It varies in color from almost white to a reddish brown, and is noted for varying patterns such as Curly Maple or Tiger Maple. Its fine grain makes it virtually splinter free and it is very hard, which prevents dents and damage from rough play. The wood color may be white or tan, or it may be a combination of white and tan.

Therefore, the color of the blocks may vary in hue and consistency. These blocks are for the customer who is looking for authentic, school type hardwood blocks of quality, not for similar sized, inexpensive pretty blocks that all look the same and are made from less durable Rubberwood in Asia.

The blocks are made from high quality, knot free, kiln dried Michigan and Indiana Maple and each block is individually inspected for flaws and defects. Blocks are rounded on the long edges and sanded and softened on the ends and corners. Tolerances are within .01 inches. And the blocks are guaranteed against cracking or checking, and defective blocks are replaced free of charge.

All of our blocks are cut to exact measurements. The basic unit block is exactly 1-3/8 by 2-3/4 by 5-1/2 inches and all of the shapes, triangles, arches, planks, ramps, are an exact fraction or multiple of this size, which is the accepted scale for schools, preschools, and kindergartens. 

These blocks are used in schools to meet the demands of hard play day in-day out, year after year. They feature a splinter free finish with rounded corners, smooth edges and lifetime durability. They are dent and ding resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee. You will notice the difference once you hold them in your hand!

You probably know that blocks are a traditional developmental toy, and chances are you played with blocks as a child also. Playing with wood blocks help children develop physical, social and cognitive skills--children learn about balance and gravity. And because they are an open ended toy, blocks stimulate a child's imagination.

It is no wonder blocks are considered an investment in a child's future. But never forget the greatest thing about blocks...playing with building blocks is fun!

There are many choices when it comes to blocks. They come in different sizes, styles, colors, materials, etc. But if you go to any school, or top notch daycare center, chances are the blocks they have will be unit blocks. If they aren't, you should be asking them why not. And you will be hard put to find a set of unit blocks better than these!

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Made in USA.