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Brio was founded by Ivar Bengtsson in 1884. His three young sons joined him in selling high quality wooden toys in Osby Sweden under the name Brothers Ivarsson at Osby...Brio. From humble beginnings to a reputation as the number 1 Wooden Toy Company in the world. Brio standards remain.

Hold a Brio toy in your hand, turn it over, study it, and you can feel the difference. Your grandchildren's children will too. These toys are made to last.

This series of crafted wooden toys is the ultimate in upscale, high quality wooden toys. It is the type of toy you probably thought wasn't made anymore, since so many wooden toy companies make their products as cheaply as possible, and often with inferior wood and paint.

Well, we wanted to feature better wooden toys, the type from years gone by. And now we are proud to feature Brio toys at Live And Learn!

These toys have simple, but unique designs. And as far as the finish is won't find a smoother, brighter, better made wooden toy. These are quality wooden toys, which will make you say...they DO make toys like they used to!

Brio Toys are safe, durable and open-ended. They bring children heightened creativity, unrestrained imagination, and ingenious play experiences. These are remarkable toys that bring fun that lasts and lasts and lasts. Now that's a cost effective proposition.

Brio Stacking Clown
Product ID : 8299
Brio Pull Along Engine
Product ID : 8467

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