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Brio Classic Dachshund 30332
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Manufacturer: Brio
Our Price: $12.95
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Product ID : 8179
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I remember the first time I went to an upscale toy store with my mother. There were huge stuffed animals, train sets, and all types of terrific toys. I was in heaven! But one toy has always stuck out in my mind. It was a pull toy.

It was bright, colorful and shiny. I never saw a toy like it before in my life. I was attracted to it more than any other toy in the store. And the funny thing is, I was already too old for pull toys. But that shiny, wooden toy hypnotized me.

Well, for many years we featured toys on our web site by Kouvalias, a company that made toys of that caliber. Unfortunately, Kouvalias went out of business in 2006, which prompted us to find a new company that made equally high quality toys.

It took us a while, but we discovered that Brio, the famous maker of high quality wooden trains, also makes high quality pull toys..quality you probably didn't think existed anymore!

The Brio Dachshund Pull Toy is one such toy.

The Brio Dachshund is for ages 19 months and up. It features the famous Brio workmanship, an upscale glossy finish and a classic fun design that will have toddlers squeal with glee.

We know that you depend on the information we provide to help you make a decision to purchase a product or pass on it. And we do not want you to have any surprises. So, we must stress that the dachshund pull toy is small. It is truly sweet and adorable, but it is petite and measures only about 6 inches long.

The dachshund is solid wood with a high quality semi gloss paint finish. The tail is a firm steel spring, and the floppy ears are smooth tough plastic. The head moves from side to side, and the tail wiggles as the dachshund rolls on its journey with your toddler.

Manufacturer recommended age is 19 months and up (yes, 19 months).

The Brio Dachshund measures approximately 6 inches long front to back.