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Background Information

They are small, poseable and simply adorable. They are Calico Critters, also known as Sylvanian families. Just what is the story behind these cute critters? Read on for the full scoop!

Mother Shannon takes the children for a stroll to Cloverleaf Corners' Community Park!

Mother Shannon takes the children for a stroll to
Cloverleaf Corners' Community Park!

On this page you will find a little background information about Calico Critters, but if you like, you can jump to our online Calico Critters catalog by clicking here! We currently sell the complete line of Calico Critters including Families, Twins, Homes and Accesories!

The Calico Critters Story

Calico Critters live in Cloverleaf Corners. Each one has its own personality and characteristics that makes them special and loveable. Calico Critters are teeny-tiny little creatures, just a little bigger than a kiss! Parents are approximately 3" tall. Brothers and sisters are 2-1/4" tall. Twins are only 1-1/4".

Calico Critters are posable, with jointed heads, legs and arms. They can be positioned to sit, stand, or lie down, as well as reach, wave or "hold hands". And twins have heads that turn!

Calico Critters were first introduced in the mid nineteen eighties under the name of Sylvanian Families. They were initially released in Japan and later available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. Although the figures were basically the same in all of the countries, the Japanese figures were a little bigger.

In the nineteen nineties, Sylvanian Families traveled a rocky road. In 1993 Sylvian Families were distributed as Calico Critters in the United States and Canada. Although they were introduced into many more countries and gaining popularity, in the mid nineteen eighties distribution stopped in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. But at the end of the century they were back in full swing.

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Calico Critters are great pretend play toys for children, many people use them to decorate shadow boxes, and many people just love collecting them.

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