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Les Dollies: Tina (M2220)

Les Dollies: Tina (M2220)
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Manufacturer: Corolle
Sale Price: $24.95
Compared at: $29.00
You Save: $4.05
Product ID : 7010
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Pictured is Les Dollies Tina. She is a Les Dollies doll of color that has black hair with hot pink streaking, dark eyes, and is dressed in the traditional Les Dollies hip outfit styling!

Please be aware, there are two versions of Les Dollies Tina...the one pictured here with a straight hair style, and there is a version with her hair in a more natural, curly style. If you want Tina with straightened hair, this is the doll to order!

Corolle Les Dollies are very stylish dolls with an alluring charm, appealing faces, soft vinyl heads, bright bold outfits and really cool rooted and brushable hair. They are hip, fashionable dolls for today's child, and the perfect alternative to the current sexed up dolls of other companies. That's right, Les Dollies are trendy without being sexy! Les Dollies are 16 inches tall, have soft cloth bodies, vinyl faces and hands, fixed eyes and rooted hair.

They are for children 3 years and up.