Cool Card Games

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Cool Card Games
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Price: $9.95
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Manufacturer: International Playthings
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Kids love cards for many reasons. And one of the reasons they like them is because adults will sit down and play cards too. Many adults are happy to sit and play a few hands of cards with a child, but may not sit down and play board games. Children play board games with their friends, but cards...everyone will play cards.

Unfortunately, many card games are too advanced for young children. And the card games which are perfect for young children, many adults have forgotten how to play. Cool Card Games is the perfect solution with child friendly graphics and game rules for five cool and classic card games.

Not only do you get a kid friendly designed card set (extra large size, playful graphics, sturdy, thick and laminated) you also get the rules to five classic and easy to play card games...Crazy 8's, Easy-to-play Hearts, I Doubt It, War and Speed!

But don't stop there. If you know other great card games, play them too. This set is extraordinary in many ways, but it won't limit you to the games we mentioned earlier. 

This special large deck (cards measure about 3 inches by 4-1/2 inches) of high quality playing cards can handle nearly all traditional, single deck card games.

Although this deck is not immune to the torture young children foist upon a deck of cards, this deck will stand up a little better than most! And the cards and rules all come in a cool reusable tin.

Ages 4 and up for 2-4 players.