International Orders

Shipping information for orders Not Going To The United States.

First, all International orders MUST go through our PayPal checkout option.

That does not mean you cannot use your own credit card, PayPal checkout allows you to use your regular credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to take a few minutes to open a PayPal account by registering the credit card with PayPal. You can then use your card for payment through our PayPal checkout.

Second, the shipping fee for every International order is different. There is no free shipping outside the United States and the fee you will see in the cart is an ESTIMATE!

Generally, the shipping/handling fee shown in the cart will be more than enough to cover the actual shipping/handling charges.

In fact, if your package is light weight, and qualifies for First Class shipping, the estimate you see will be about twice the actual fee you will be charged.

If the shipping fee is more than the amount shown in the shopping cart, you will be notified. You will be told the amount of the shipping/handling fee for your specific order and given the option to continue with the order or cancel.

The shipping/handling fees for countries outside the United States are based on destination, weight, package dimensions and complexity of the order. Because preparing an International order is more complex and time consuming, than an order going to the U.S., we charge a small handling fee over and above the actual cost of postage.

The pre-authorized amount is the fee you will see in your cart during checkout, and by placing the order you are authorizing the stated shipping/handling fee in advance. If the amount shown covers the real shipping/handling charges we will apply the charge and the order will ship on schedule.

If the actual shipping/handling fee is less than the amount pre-authorized in the cart, the excess amount will be refunded, and the final charge amount for your order will be reduced.

If we must contact you to authorize additional money for shipping/handling, the package will be delayed until we hear from you. You will never be charged more than the amount shown without your consent.

International packages are usually shipped via First Class International Package or Priority Mail with an estimated delivery time of 5-15 business days. Delivery times are not guaranteed because packages can be delayed in customs or by the delivery carriers. There are faster options, with guarantees, but they are so expensive we do not offer them as regular options.

We ship via First Class service when we can, to save you money. First class may take a few days longer to arrive than Priority Mail, but it is about half the cost. It will be trackable and insured just like Priority Mail. If you must have Priority Mail shipping, please let us know when you place the order.

If money is no object, and speed is the utmost importance to you, you can request a quote for faster, guaranteed shipping. The quote will include UPS and USPS expedited service fees. The fees will include a $10.00 surcharge above and beyond the actual shipping cost to cover the special VIP features you will get if you go ahead with one of the the faster options.

If you do authorize the faster option you will receive the following VIP status features:

  • Not only does your order ship via the faster service, your order is the next order processed regardless of backlogs
  • If there is not enough inventory to complete all pending orders you get the products
  • You are assigned a personal customer service representative handling your order from start to finish

Please note, some countries impose customs fees, duty charges, broker charges, or other costs on international shipments. If this is not your first time shopping internationally, you probably know more about your country's charges than we do.

Our price quotations never include these extra amounts. It is always best to check locally about the extra charges you may have to pay. A good place to find information is your local postal office or UPS. If they do not know the answers to your questions, they may be able to guide you to the correct agency for the answers.

Also, we are sorry to say that items that state they "ship for free" only refer to the 48 contiguous United States. The shopping cart will not add a shipping fee, but we will contact you in such situations with the actual shipping amount and give you the option to proceed or cancel the order.

In addition, under no circumstances should International Customers select the "Picking Up From Warehouse" option. Any order with an International Address that chooses that option will be canceled. If you actually will be visiting the Owings Mills area, and plan to pick up the order, send us an email and we will help you complete your order.

Finally, just as we understand that you may change your mind after placing an order, you also need to understand that we may have already invested time, labor and materials processing your order, and we will have to hunt down your package in our warehouse, therefore we do charge $2.95 for an order cancellation of packages already in the processing chain. If your order has not entered the in-house process phase, the charge will be $1.50 to cover the fees we still need pay to the credit card company or PayPal for refunding your money.