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Madeline Doll FAQ

This Madeline Doll FAQ was put together because of the many questions we receive concerning Madeline dolls. The FAQ is not complete by any means. Nor do we vouch that it is 100% correct. In fact, we invite you to help us complete this FAQ and plug up the holes. If you find any information which is incorrect, or have additional information to contribute please let us know.

Contents of the FAQ:
1. How many Madeline dolls are there?

2. What is wrong with my doll's smile?

3. Why can't I get the clothes off of my Dressable doll?

4. Is there anything special I need to do before I give my child their doll?

5. What is the black stripe on my doll's stomach?

6. How do I clean my doll?

7. How come the back of my doll's head is red?

8. How often do new dolls come out?

9. How long is a particular version available?

10. I have a Pajama Dressable Madeline doll, is the classic outfit available by itself?

1.    How many Madeline dolls are there? Although we are still in the process of finding the answer, we traced Madeline dolls back to 1992. By the way, Madeline dolls manufactured until mid 2001 were made by Eden, LLC. Although some dolls manufactured after March of 2001 may show Eden as the manufacturer, production was taken over by Learning Curve International until 2005. After 2005 Madeline dolls were manufactured by different companies such as Madame Alexander, Kids Preferred and Yottoy. 

To begin, there was a 10" doll that came packaged with a copy of the Madeline book. We do not know when it first went into production, but it was available for many years. There also were specialty Madeline dolls, which were made exclusively for certain stores, which are not covered in this FAQ and there were a few mass market dolls such as the Talking Madeline which are also not covered in this FAQ. Madeline is very big in Japan, and Madeline dolls produced in Japan are not covered by this FAQ.

To date, this is what we know about all the other Madeline dolls:

    1991 and before - No available information.

    1992 - Madeline was manufactured in at least 3 versions. There was a 14 inch traditional Madeline; 18 inch traditional Madeline; and an 18 inch Spring Time Madeline. The 14 and 18 inch versions of the doll were dressed similarly to today's 16 inch Madeline rag doll. She came with a blue coat, yellow hat, etc. And the Spring Time Madeline was wearing a blue and white striped dress which had a yellow and white bib. The dress had lace trim.

    1993 - Madeline came in many versions. There was the 14 inch and 18 inch regular Madeline dolls and the 13 inch Pajama Madeline. The Pajama Madeline wore a 2 piece, mint green outfit with white polka dots and came with white fuzzy booties. There was a 10 inch Take Along Madeline which came packaged with three changeable outfits. Madeline was also available as a 3 foot doll. In addition, during the winter Madeline was manufactured as a special Holiday Madeline which consisted of a red coat, black hat, plaid dress, removable white muff and white socks. Also during the winter Madeline was available as a 15 inch Ice Skating version. Ice Skating Madeline wore a green coat, gray hat, and ice skates. The outfit was similar to the Ice Skating outfit available for today's 15 inch Dressable Madeline. In addition, in 1993 you could get a Madeline Playhouse which came with small versions ( about 4 inches tall) of Madeline, Pepito, Miss Clavel and Genevieve. A Puppet Theater with 4 inch versions of Madeline, Pepito and Genevieve was available, and a 12 inch Hand Puppet of Madeline was also manufactured.

    1994 - Most of the Madelines available in 1993 were still being manufactured in 1994.  New for the year were a 16 inch Christmas Morning Madeline which came dressed in a red and white light weight pajama. She was holding a green gift box which contained a mini velour version of Genevieve. And during the year two new 18 inch versions of the doll were available. There was a Nautical Madeline which came dressed in a navy and white striped dress, white shoes, and a straw hat. And the Madeline Slicker was available. Madeline Slicker came dressed in a yellow rain slicker and hat, blue and green plaid dress, and blue rain booties.

    1995 - New in 1995 were the 8 inch vinyl Poseable Madeline; the current 15 inch Dressable Madeline; a new 18 inch Spring Time Madeline; and a 18 inch Cookie Cutter Madeline. In the original packaging for the 8 inch doll Madeline was dressed in her traditional blue coat outfit, but also included was a nightgown as a change of clothes. The 15 inch Dressable Madeline came as it does today and the 18 inch Spring Time Madeline was dressed in a blue and white gingham dress with smocking. The Cookie Cutter Madeline wore a dress with apron. In the apron were an oven mitt, cookie recipe and a cookie cutter in the shape of Genevieve.

    1996 - We are not sure, but we believe the 18 inch Classic Madeline was introduced this year. The Classic Madeline wears the traditional Madeline outfit, but the material used for the outfit is of a finer quality. In addition, the coat of Classic Madeline is a deeper navy blue and has an embroidered letter M on the collar. Although we are not sure if this was the year the Classic Madeline was introduced, we know for certain the 15 inch Pajama Dressable was introduced during 1996. The Pajama Dressable Madeline came with slippers. Under the slippers madeline had bare feet, so the only outfits good for this doll were outfits which came with shoes! Also, in addition to the regular 18 inch Christmas Madeline, a special 18 inch Holiday Madeline was manufactured. The Holiday Madeline wore a red and green plaid dress and came with a Genevieve tree ornament.

    1997 - The Spring Time Madeline had a high waisted dress with a large daisy on it. During 1997 the regular 18 inch Christmas Madeline underwent a slight change. Instead of wearing white socks she now wore stockings. And the new winter doll was the Alpine Madeline which comes complete with a pair of skis. On the 8 inch vinyl front, a special edition Grand Celebration doll was introduced. The Grand Celebration came as a specially packaged gift set. Madeline wore a delicate pink taffeta dress and white hat. Included in the set were a white cape and assorted accessories.

    1998 - The first new doll introduced in 1998 was the 18 inch Spring Time Madeline dubbed Sunshine Madeline. Sunshine Madeline is wearing a white and pastel print dress with eyelet trim. On the front of the dress is a large pink, yellow and green daisy. One pocket on the front of her dress comes with a package of seeds for planting! Also introduced early in 1998 were the 6 inch Madeline dolls which include Madeline, Danielle, Pepito, and Miss Clavel. For the holiday season Eden introduced the twenty inch Winter Madeline (which has no scar!), the Classic Madeline in red coat, an 8 inch vinyl Birthday Celebration Madeline, and 8 inch vinyl versions of Chloe and Nicole.

    1999 - This is the year Eden stopped manufacturing a Spring Time Madeline and they also discontinued the 18 inch Classic Madeline. Eden concentrated on its 8 inch vinyl series. At the start of the year Eden introduced the special 8 inch vinyl Easter Gift Set and the 8 inch Pepito doll. Late in the year a special Christmas vinyl Madeline Gift Set and a vinyl Danielle doll were introduced. In addition, a soft, 18 inch Special Edition 60th Anniversary Madeline doll became available as did the traditional 18" Christmas Madeline and the 18" Winter Madeline. Finally, as an exclusive to FAO Schwarz, Eden produced a 15" Cowgirl Madeline doll in celebration of the Madeline In America book.

    2000 - This year marked a turning point in Eden's focus. Although the growth of the 8" doll series was built over time, in 2000 the growth took a huge spike. During 2000 Eden introduced not one or two new 8" dolls, but six new 8 inch dolls plus, a Miss Clavel doll, plus a special doll house for the 8" dolls and many new accessories for the 8" doll series. The new 8" dolls released were the Picnic Gift Set, the Winter Gift Set, the Holland Collector Doll, England Collector Doll, Japan Collector Doll and Mexico Collector Doll. Eden also release the 15" Cowgirl doll to all retailers for sale and a new 18" Holiday Madeline was introduced. The Holiday Madeline had a deep green hat, red plaid dress with green sleeves, white stockings and black shoes.

    We believe, it was with the release of the Madeline Picnic Gift Set (which was mentioned earlier) Eden changed the design of Madeline's right hand from straight to curved in order that Madeline could hold her ice cream pop (which came with the set). Shortly thereafter, all Madeline 8" dolls and her friends had a curved right hand to hold accessories.

    2001 - The year began with the introduction of the last addition to the 8" International Doll Series. The doll introduced was the Ireland Collector Doll. It had  low production run and is one of the hardest to find. Although Eden had plans to introduce more dolls in the International Doll Series, Eden went out of business in April and their operation was taken over by Learning Curve International.

    In the summer of 2001 Learning Curve continued production of Madeline dolls. They eliminated the International doll series, but did market two new dolls which were the 16" Danielle rag doll and the 18" Holiday Madeline. The Holiday Madeline had a black hat, hunter green velvet dress with cream colored rosettes, white lace stockings and black shoes!

    2002 - This year saw the introduction of many new dolls including a first time ever, 36" limited edition holiday rag doll. The 36 inch holiday doll came wearing a beautiful velour black dress with white lace trim. Her non removable shoes had the look of patent leather shoes. Also introduced was the traditional 18" holiday rag doll which arrived wearing a unique plum colored pleated dress. New for the 18 holiday doll was the fact that 2002 saw the first time she had totally removable clothes including removable shoes! Also born in 2002 was a 16" Pepito rag doll, a 16" Nicole rag doll and a 8" vinyl doll named Nona. Also new in 2002 was Madeline's horse Clarabel which has poseable legs and can whinny, and the very lovely horse and carriage set for the 8" Madeline series. The last item introduced in 2002 was a special book and doll gift set which featured a hard copy of Madeline's Christmas and a special 8 inch Madeline doll in a red holiday outfit. Oh, we almost 2002 the 15 inch Madeline rag doll had a production change to removable shoes!

    2003 - The only new doll which will be introduced this year will be a beautiful 18 inch holiday doll. It will come with a special tree ornament. The doll is limited to 10,000 pieces for worldwide distribution. Last year's 18 inch doll was a sellout before the end of the year, and we expect this year's doll will be even more popular! There will be a new "travel" doll house for the 8 inch doll series and quite a few other new accessories. There will also be a few new accessories for the fifteen/sixteen rag doll series including a bed and chair!

    2004 - A lot of new changes in the world of Madeline dolls. This year saw the introduction of the redesigned modern 8" Madeline doll series. Designed to appeal to the mass market, the redesigned series deviates from the simple and wholesome drawings of Ludwig Bemelmans by giving Madeline and the other characters more facial features and a new modern look. Also introduced in 2004 is the La Petite Madeline doll series. The series features Madeline figures and accessories scaled to the size of Polly Pockets. The La Petite series also features the modern Madeline look. In 2004 the  Holiday Madeline was not as well dressed as previous versions. But on the upside, the doll will sold for half the price of previous versions. The 2004 Holiday Madeline doll wore a red velvet dress with gingham accents. She also had a fancy purse and a 2004 tag. 2004 also introduced the very popular My First Madeline collection which features various play sets, and small special versions of Madeline and Genevieve. The rag dolls in the First Madeline Series are very, very cute. Finally, in 2004 year a new Bedtime Madeline came to market. Bedtime Madeline is a 15" inch dressable rag doll dressed a cute pair of pink pajamas.

    2005 - It is a sad year for Madeline fans and collectors. The only new introduction to the Madeline doll series will be the holiday doll. But even worse, the entire 8" vinyl series is officially out of production, as is the La Petite Madeline series. The only dolls in production during 2005 will be the Holiday Madeline and the various other Madeline rag dolls. Although there was some talk of bringing back the classic 8" Madeline doll, at this writing it doesn't seem like 2005 will see it happen :-(

    2006 - The saddest year for Madeline fans and collectors. No general releases of any Madeline products.

    2007 - Happy days are here again! Two new Madeline dolls are introduced--an 18 inch, soft body Madeline doll and an 8 inch vinyl Madeline doll.

    2008 - happy days continue with the release of four new Madeline dolls...a new 29 inch Madeline rag doll, an 18 inch soft Christmas Madeline doll, an 8" vinyl Christmas Madeline doll and a very special limited edition 12" Collector's Madeline doll. Also introduced this year was a new 13-1/2" dressable rag doll by Kids Preferred, a 9" beanie version of Madeline and an 8" beanie version of Genevieve. 

    2009 - The only new doll introduction was the 70th Anniversary dressable rag doll by Kids Preferred. In addition to the doll, Kids Preferred released three outfits for the 13-1/2" dressable rag dolls.

    2010 - Madeline fans everywhere had reason to rejoice once again because 2010 featured the first release of a new Madeline vinyl doll and a new Nicole vinyl doll in many, many years. Both the Madeline and Nicole dolls look like Madeline and her friend as drawn by Ludwig Bemelmans. They are very similar to the original vinyl Madeline and Nicole dolls that were released by Eden many years ago, only a little smaller. Not only does Madeline come dressed in her tradional outfit, the release also includes a pair of pajamas as well! Nicole comes in the school girl outfit, yellow hat and yellow jacket (sorry no pajamas for Nicole).

    2012 - Manufacturers changed once again, and Yottoy became the new manufacturer of Madeline dolls. In 2012 they introduced a 16 inch rag doll wearing Madeline's traditional blue coat and yellow hat outfit. Yottoy also introduced a smaller 10 inch "My First" Madeline rag doll in a light blue dress, and a 6 inch cute Genevieve plush that comes in a Madeline tote.

    2013 - Yottoy introduced a new 16 inch Madeline rag doll in a deep blue velvet dress with a satin bodice, sash and cuffs.

    2014 - Yottoy is introduced an 8 inch vinyl Madeline doll packaged with a 4 inch Genevieve. The doll is made from the same mold used by Eden many years ago.

    2015 - No new dolls were introduced in 2015 :-(

    2016 - A lower quality, small ten inch version of Madeline was manufactured by Yottoy exclusively for Kohls stores, with proceeds going to charity. The doll was dressed in a yellow outfit, with a yellow hat with black shoes and white gloves. The outfit was part of the doll's body, and her hair was made of felt. She sold for five dollars at release, and then was reduced to two dollars.

    2017 - ???

2.  What is wrong with my doll's smile? There is nothing wrong with the smile on your doll. Madeline dolls are true to the book. One of the only pictures of a full faced Madeline was drawn with a half smile. The cloth dolls by Eden LLC are sewn with a half smile as depicted in the drawing. 

3.    Why can't I get the clothes off of my Dressable doll?  Madeline dolls are shipped with the clothes sewn to the doll. Sewing the clothes to the doll is done for a number of reasons which include keeping the dolls intact during shipment. It allows the dolls to be handled in stores without having the hat or other items fall off. It keeps the dolls fresh looking. And unfortunately, to make sure items are not stolen from the dolls! 

4.    Is there anything special I need to do before I give my child their doll? Whenever a child receives a new toy or doll an adult should always be present. Some Madeline dolls come wrapped in plastic bags, some have threads which need to be cut, tape which needs removal, and some have paper stuffing or cardboard under their clothes. In addition, if you want to remove the clothes from the Dressable versions of the doll, you need to very carefully snip the securing threads off the dolls. 

5.    What is the black stripe on my doll's stomach? That's no stripe! That's Madeline's scar from her appendix operation!!! Yes, all oficially licensed Madeline dolls are manufactured with strict attention to detail. It just wouldn't be a Madeline doll if she didn't have the scar. 

6.    How do I clean my doll? Usually, the surface of the dolls can be cleaned with a mild detergent. The dolls should never be submerged in water or dry cleaned. And the doll clothes can generally be hand washed in cold water. Always check the instructions you received with the doll before cleaning. Instructions may vary from doll to doll. 

7.    How come the back of my doll's head is red? The back of the head on the cloth dolls is red in order that it blend in with the red rag doll hair. 

8.    How often do new dolls come out? In years past, Madeline dolls were generally introduced a few times a year. Special limited edition holiday dolls were usually released in August or September and were only available for a short time period. Other versions were introduced throughout the year and available all year long. Spring Time and Winter versions were manufactured many years ago in limited production runs.

Currently, the Madeline doll license is granted to Yottoy, who released their first set of Madeline dolls and related products in 2012. At this time they have no set pattern for new releases, but that may change in the future.

9.    How long is a particular version available?   That is hard to say. Some dolls have been available for years, whereas some are only available for a few months. 

10.   I have an Eden Pajama Dressable rag doll, is the classic outfit available by itself? No, the traditional outfit which came with the Eden Dressable Madeline was not sold separately. Therefore, to get the classic blue coat outfit for your other dolls you must buy extra Dressable Madeline dolls. Since the Eden Pajama Madeline rag doll, and the Eden Dressable Madeline doll are no longer manufactured you need to check auction sites such as ebay to find what you are looking for.

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