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Pencil By Numbers


If you remember Venus Paradise Coloring Sets, you will love our pencil by numbers coloring sets!

Before I tell you about our color by numbers sets, I would like to tell you a story. My wife and I are a few years apart in age. We grew up in different places, and had a different type of family life from one another. As a child she played with toys associated with girls such as dolls, and I played with toys often associated with boys such as trucks.

Even though we were very different, the one activity we both liked was coloring, (as do most children), and for both of us, one of our favorite childhood activities was coloring with a Venus Paradise Pencil By Numbers Coloring set.

Venus Paradise Pencil By Numbers Coloring sets let you color fantastic pictures with colored pencils. Each pencil was numbered, as were the pictures that came with the sets. You knew where to color red, yellow, black, etc., because you simply followed the numbered guidelines printed on the coloring card. Eventually, you had a colorful masterpiece, which made you beam with pride and joy. It was a great little kit that could turn anyone into an artist.

Not only did we love it, and our parents loved it too because there was no paint, no clean up, no mess!

Venus Paradise sets were a popular item when we were children, and all of our friends loved them too. Everyone we both knew had Venus Paradise Coloring sets. In fact, if you are forty years old or older, you probably had a Venus Paradise set of your own. If you are under forty, you probably never heard of it...which is a shame because it was such a fun activity.

Anyway, when this company was started back in 1988, one of the first products we wanted to sell was Venus Paradise Coloring sets. Unfortunately, they were no longer being manufactured.

Year after year we would go to the International Toy Fair (that is the toy industry's trade show) looking for the return of the Venus Paradise Coloring set. And year after year we came back home disappointed, that is until 2008.

In 2008 we finally found a company that makes a pencil by numbers art set. But that dear folks, is not the end of our story. In 2012 we discovered another that makes art sets, and the sets have pencil by numbers plus other great artistic projects such as engraving art and paint by number. So, what we are featuring on this page is our current selection of color by numbers kits...the best replacements for the classic Venus Paradise coloring kits!

Yes, these are the modern day version of the classic Venus Paradise coloring sets of years gone by. They are the perfect introduction to drawing and other art forms for children.

But guess what, it is also great for older adults, that's why we are offering sets that appeal to adults as well as children. In fact, the variety packs we are offering are great for a family!

Our art sets are a relaxing, stimulating, fun activity which takes concentration, dexterity and fine finger control. Skills that require attention by both children, and older adults!

Besides being fun and beneficial, they are easy to do...for instance, for the pencil by numbers projects just choose the pencil that corresponds to the color number, and start coloring.

The sets include everything needed to complete all the projects!

Pencil By Number: Beach Scenes Boxed Set
Product ID : 7041
Pencil By Number: Flowers And Pets Variety Pack
Product ID : 7189
Art Adventure Set White
Product ID : 7971

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