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Pencil By Number: Spiderman

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Pencil By Number: Spiderman
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Manufacturer: Dimensions
Price: $7.95
Product ID : 9034
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Marvel Avengers

Pencil By Number

This pencil by number kit features Spiderman. It's great to have a theme that really appeals to boys.

Coloring is a relaxing, yet stimulating, fun activity which takes concentration, dexterity and fine finger control; skills that require attention by both children, and adults! Adult coloring books are all the rage these days and pencil by number sets offer a similar appeal.

Color your picture of Spiderman following the pencil number guide printed right on the package. There are 11 different pencil colors. The page with the picture pattern indicates what color or colors to use for each area. Each small section of the picture has either a number, a number plus the letter L, or just a letter. If there's only a number you match the pencil color and color the section regularly. If the number has the letter L at the end, the instructions are to use the matching numbered pencil with less pressure to create a lighter shade of the color. And, if the area on the coloring guide shows a letter, then you follow the guide on the back of the package and combine two different colored pencils to create a blended color.

The set includes one printed board to color, one numbered chart, 12 colored pencils (in 11 different colors) and 1 pencil sharpener. Unlike the old Venus Paradise sets, the numbers are not printed on the picture you color. So, you can complete your pictures without having to be concerned that the pre-printed numbers will show through if you choose to color an area with a light touch.

Pencil Works is the modern day version of the classic Venus Paradise coloring sets of years gone by. It is the perfect introduction to art and drawing for children.

The manufacturer states the recommended age is ages 8 to adult, but we believe that children as young as 6 or 7 may be able to complete the pictures with adult supervision.

Made in Taiwan.