Promo Codes

Current Promo Code--Ding ding ding, you found our promo code page. Currently we are offering an additional 5% Off any order you place when you use our promo code during checkout. That's an additional 5% off of our already low regularly discounted prices.

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Just enter Promo Code LRH for an additional 5% OFF your order during checkout.

About Promo Codes--Promo Codes are special codes you enter into the shopping cart for additional savings. To get the benefit of an advertised promo code, it must be entered in the shopping cart's displayed field before checking out. If an order is submitted without the code, the deduction will not be applied, and you will not get the additional discount.

Promo codes are for online, credit card orders only. They are not retroactive, and cannot be applied after an order has been submitted. We also reserve the right to disallow a promo code for bulk orders, purchase orders and other special circumstances at our discretion.

We issue special promo codes once in a while to our facebook friends and prior customers. Like us on facebook at

We sometimes post a random promo code on the web, which is picked up by bloggers and coupon sites. But we never give out, or issue promo codes on the phone or via email. All promo codes have expiration dates, and some are one time use only.

Finally, only one promo code can be used per order. Promo codes cannot be combined for multiple discounts during one transaction. In the event the shopping cart has a glitch, and allows the submission of multiple promo codes for one transaction, your cart will be manually adjusted by our staff, and you will be notified of the change before your order is processed and given the chance to continue with the order or cancel it.

If you have any questions about the use of promo codes, or our policy please let us know.