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Pets Wooden Peg Puzzle
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Manufacturer: Melissa And Doug
Price: $11.95
Product ID : 2289
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Wooden peg puzzles are a staple of most pre-school classrooms and are ideal for the home as well. Peg puzzles are starter puzzles for young children. The pegs assist with the development of a child's fine finger control, and once they have mastered the skill, the pegs allow a child to grasp and manipulate the puzzle pieces easily.

Peg puzzles are beginner puzzles that are used as stepping stones to more difficult and challenging puzzles...difficult and challenging for both the coordinative skills needed and the mental concepts involved.

Whatever you do, do not force a child to try puzzles beyond his or her emotional and physical skill level. The idea is to challenge children with puzzles, but not to frustrate them.

This is a traditional single piece peg puzzle. When doing single piece peg puzzles the child is expected to place the puzzle piece in the proper cutout on the puzzle board.

It is a very nice wooden peg puzzle with a central theme that can be used as the basis for conversation and teaching the child about the world around him or her.

This wooden peg puzzle measures approximately 9 inches by 12 inches.

This puzzle has 9 pieces, with pictures under the pieces.

For children ages 2 and up.