Jester Jack In The Box JJB

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Jester Jack In The Box JJB
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Manufacturer: Schylling
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The Jester Jack In The Box is the most popular jack in the box we sell. It is a classic toy and when you turn the handle it plays the song most associated with jack in the boxes, Pop Goes The Weasel.

A Jack In The Box will delight, amaze, and fascinate your child. In fact, it may bring back fond memories of your own childhood when you turn the handle. Just rotate the easy turning handle, and the song begins. And at just the right moment, the happy faced character pops up on cue. Your child will giggle and squeal with delight each time their Jack makes an entrance.

Manufacturer recommended for ages 18 months and up.

Although Jack In The Box toys do not contain small parts, they may be frustrating to children under age three (pushing the character back inside and closing the lid takes a bit of coordinative skills). So although some manufacturers say they are for ages 18 months and up, we believe young children may need help, but they are ideal for children ages three and up.

This Jack In The Box toy is metal with a soft pop-up and  measures (when closed) approximately six inches high and five and a half inches wide and deep, which is the standard Jack In The Box size.


We know that you are relying on our pictures and description to make this purchase. You may have seen the same item at other web sites as well, and are comparing prices. We want to get your sale, but we also want you to know everything about Jack In The Box toys...even the negative. So, here is what no one else dares to tell you about these toys!

Please understand, these are brand new toys, and what we are about to tell you will apply whether you buy it from us, or another store.

Current day Jack In The Box toys are not made to the same standards you may remember from your childhood. Just like soda cans, the metal is not as thick and sturdy as in years past. (Back in the fifties and sixties only musclemen could squash a can in their hand, but now even a toddler can crush one). Don't get us wrong, Jack In The Box toys are not as flimsy as a soda can, but they may not be as sturdy and rugged as the one you had as a child.

Also, the finishes are not always perfect. As sad as it is, finding a small spot or two where the metal shows through is normal these days for Jack In The Box toys regardless of which manufacturer they come from.

Despite the flaws, Jack In The Box toys are still terrific items. And children still love them!