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Manufacturer: Rhythm Band
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Claves are tuned, musical pieces of wood that you play by banging them together. Claves are perfect for a rhythm band because their sound complements other instruments very nicely. Our pair of claves measure approximately 9 inches in length.

The proper way to play Claves is by cupping one hand and placing a clave on it so that it rests between the base of the thumb and the ends of your fingers. Your hand should form a hollow chamber underneath the clave. Now, hold the other clave by the end in your other hand. And as you hold your cupped hand motionless, bring the clave you are holding by the end down to strike the clave on the cupped hand. With practice you should be able to produce sharp, clear resonant tones with a variety of pitches and timbres.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.