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Double Agogo

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Wooden Double Agogo
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Manufacturer: Rhythm Band
Price: $11.95
Product ID : 7760
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The Wooden Double Agogo consists of two hollow cylinders mounted on an easy to grasp handle. The double agogo adds a multi-toned, natural, earthy sound to the rhythmic palette making it a great addition to a collection of rhythm band instruments.

The Wooden Double Agogo measures a little more than 9 inches from the bottom of the handle to the top of the taller cylinder.

When you strike the cyclinders with the wooden mallet, a nice tone is produced. A different tone is produced when striking each of the cylinders because they are a different length.

Besides striking the cylinders, you can also scrape their ridged surfaces with a the mallet's handle (or head) to produce varying sounds. The combination of striking and scraping is often used to teach children rudimentary coordinative skills (and it sounds neat too).

This high quality instrument is made by a musical instruments manufacturer for the school industry. It is not a toy is the real thing, and now you can have it too!

Made In India.