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No Muss - No Fuss * Easy On - Easy Off

If you wanted to decorate a room back in the 60s you hired a professional to panel your walls, or a painter to stencil them. During the 80s people tended to go with wallpaper, and at the turn of the century (wow, did I really say "turn of the century") people opted for innovative painting techniques. And once you chose a decoration scheme you kept it for many, many years.

But now there is a better way, a much better way!

Our easy-on, easy-off Peel And Stick Wall Appliques!

Our terrific wall appliques (which can be used on any smooth surface, not just walls) are the quick and simple way to transform an ordinary room into a room with pizazz.

We love the product so much...first off because they are made here in the United States!

But we really love them because they are so simple to use, you merely peel them off their sheets and smooth them into place. No glue, no pastes, just smooth them down and they stick. And when you want a change, just lift them off.

And guess what? After you lift them off you can put them away, and use them again at another time. How great is that!

We currently feature a wide variety of children's themes and styles.

All of our instant decoration sets allows you to decorate a room in seconds. They are inexpensive, reusable, repositionable and have NO sticky residue. They are like colorful Colorforms for your walls.

Decorating your child's room was never easier. They are also great for preschools, daycare centers, doctor offices...any place that you want to make a child feel happy.

And remember, all of our great decals can be placed on any smooth, non porous surface including mirrors, cabinets, furniture, waste paper baskets, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Thomas and Friends Border and Wall Appliques
Product ID : 7166
Hoppy Pond Wall Appliques
Product ID : 7167
Ballerina Jewelry Box
Product ID : 7468
Happy Easter Appliques
Product ID : 7704
Winnie The Pooh Appliques
Product ID : 7706
Diego Appliques
Product ID : 7713
Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror
Product ID : 8363
Magnetic Mini Tile Art
Product ID : 8604
French Knitting Yarn Butterfly
Product ID : 8607
Madeline Wooden Magnetic Shapes
Product ID : 8995

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