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Security Warning?

Sometimes new visitors to our site get a security warning about the site not being secure, or that we may not be who we claim to be. You can verify our security by clicking the DigiCert Logo on this web page, or any other page where it is displayed. When you click on the logo a popup window will appear with our security details and company information (Live And Learn. Inc. of Maryland).

Also, after you have placed things in your cart and are ready to make your purchase you will be clicking on our checkout button. After you click on the checkout button you will see that you are now at https rather than http. The "s" designation means you are now on our secure server and the information you enter is encrypted and secure.

So, if you get a warning please don't be afraid, you can continue. But if you are still nervous give us a call at 443-394-8501 during normal business hours and we will be glad to take your order over the phone.

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Call us.: 443-394-8501

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