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Giant Stampers - Upper Case and Lower Case

Alphabet Stamping Set
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Giant Rubber Stamping Set



lower case alphabet letters

We don't need to tell you, rubber stamping is a fun and creative activity. At one time rubber stamping was an activity reserved for children, but today rubber stamping is enjoyed by craftspeople and artists. Rubber stamping is also popular as a tool for people who enjoy scrapbooking.

This particular rubber stamping set has an educational slant. The Giant Upper Case And Lower Case Alphabet Stampers are a great tool to help children learn and recognize their upper and lower case letters. The stamps can be used in many creative ways to enhance learning. You can call out a letter and when the child identifies the correct letters (both upper and lower), they get to stamp them. Or, you can stamp a letter, either the upper or lower case, and the child finds the corresponding letter in the other case. Using the alphabet stamps adds a fun component to learning. This complete alphabet stamping set can also be used with our number stamps to create posters and display boards for school projects.

Ideal for use with paint or ink pads, each foam stamp is mounted on a clear circular disc with a 3 inch diameter. The see-through top allows for easy exact placement. The stamp leaves an impressive image of each letter which measures approximately 2 inches in height for the upper case letters. The lower case letters are proportional to the upper case letters. The tall letters, such as "h" measure approximately 2 inches but the shorter letters such as "n" measure only about 1-1/2 inches. The stamps even have a directional arrow for perfect alignment. On the top of each stamp, near the handle, you will find a sticker with the letter for that particular stamp. This makes it extra easy to find exactly which stamp you are looking for.

The set is school quality and is made to last. The stamps and the extra large, comfort-grip handles are color-coded for easy sorting and storage in case you have any of our other companion stamping sets. The lower case and upper case letters have different colored handles and each come in their own reusable storage case.

And keep in mind, because of the oversized easy-grip knobs, this is a great set for children as well as older adults with physical limitations!

Our high quality Giant Stampers are a great way to stamp out your own posters, wrapping paper and signs.

The Upper Case Alphabet Stamping set consists of 56 stamps. Yes, 56 stamps...the upper case letters A-Z and the lower case letters a-z which total 52 stampers. There are two punctuation marks, an exclamation point (!) and a question mark (?). The last two stampers are the letters "N" and "n" each with a tilde above it, making this alphabet set a great tool for Spanish speakers too.

Includes two reusable clear plastic storage cases with built-in carry handles.

Stamp pads sold separately.

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