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Fort Building Set

Fort Building Set
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Made In USA!

Lincoln Logs are a classic building toy. They have been around since the early nineteen hundreds. Lincoln Logs were very popular in the nineteen forties, and they were one of the first toys to be advertised on television in the nineteen fifties. Unfortunately, Lincoln Logs have changed. They have replaced many wooden pieces with plastic, and Lincoln Logs sets have become quite expensive! But now there is an alternative...our all wood, non-toxic, building sets that we have made for us here in the United States! Yes, all wooden building sets by Live And Learn Toys!

When we decided to put our name on a product (which we are very excited about since this is the first product line carrying the Live And Learn name) we decided only the best will do. And to us, the best means that Live And Learn building sets should have logs that are classic looking, the logs should fit together nice and snuggly, and the sets should make nice size structures.

Well, the logs have the look we were seeking, they fit together tighter than other sets we tested and in turn make very stable structures. And the sets make nice sized, interesting structures that are larger than most other log building sets.

It was also important to us that the quality of the materials were top notch. Again, we are happy...our building sets are the real thing, made from real pine logs, which are stained with a non-toxic dye to make them absolutely child safe for children ages three and up (there are some small pieces that can be a choking hazard to children under age three).

In addition to being made in the United States from natural pine, they have classic red/orange wooden gables. Finally, to make sure everything is classic about our sets, they are hand cut...just as they would have been fifty years ago. Each set is packaged in an old fashioned, high quality cloth bag with a hemp rope tie. 

Oh, included in each set is a small sheet with basic instructions to get the child started. It does not give complete instructions to build the structures because toys like these should challenge the child, not hold their hand during the building process!

For ages 3 and up.