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WOW: Dexter The Digger

WOW: Dexter The Digger
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No question about it, this is an awesome toy. It features a very easy-to-use mechanical arm that digs and scoops up the included rattling boulders for a job well done. A strong friction motor and front bulldozer make light work of any obstructions. Yes, rough, tough and strong this heavy duty digger is ready for any construction site. Besides the great digger, the set includes a removable driver figure and three rattling boulders.


Since WOW toys are fairly new to the United States, we thought a little background information about this terrific product line was appropriate.


To begin, as you are probably aware, children learn through play. Well, WOW toys were designed with children in help them develop play scenarios, explore the world of pretend play, and to keep them safe in the process.

WOW toys are action toys that don't use batteries, and are safe for young children. They are manufactured to exceed the current, and very strict, European safety standards (EN71) and are carefully designed with safety in mind.

WOW toys do not contain small parts which could be swallowed nor do they have any sharp edges. In addition, all WOW products are made out of high quality materials without any PVC content and non-toxic paint is used.

WOW toys have been tested to be suitable for pre-school children from the ages of 12 months to 5 years old. And just like Live And Learn, WOW hates batteries so WOW toys do not require batteries to make them work. WOW toys use a special friction motor to drive the toy. In fact, some of the toys even make a realistic engine sound---all without batteries!

My Personal Opinion About These Toys: I am one of the owners of Live And Learn. I have been in the toy business for many, many years, and I am the person who made the decision to feature WOW toys on our web site. The reason why I chose them are not because of their safety features or their high quality. Quite frankly, I selected this toy line because I am a child at heart. I remember what toys I liked as a child, and if I had toys like these when I was young I would have been in heaven. As a little boy I would have loved having WOW toys to play with, and that is why they are here....because they do neat things and they are fun.

The pictures do not do the toys justice. So don't judge the toys by the pictures about the toys. Read everything written on this page because these are truly great toys, and well worth buying! There are no other toys on the market like WOW toys, particularly ones that are safe for children under age 3!