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Memory Caps Matching Game

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Guidecraft's Memory Caps Matching Game
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Manufacturer: Guidecraft
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Memory Caps Matching Game

NOT Made In China

Made From Green Eco Friendly Rubberwood

Each player takes a turn and lifts off two covers to reveal two chunky wooden colored shapes. If they match each other, they keep the shapes. Collect the most shapes and you're the winner. Yes, this seems like a traditional matching game, but it is better. Much better!

To begin, this game is self contained. Many matching games have large tiles which you must spread out over the table or floor making it difficult to reach for tiles, and often become messy. None of that with Memory is compact, neat, challenging and fun!

What also sets Memory Caps apart from the rest is that it offers multiple level play. You can use the supplied colored wooden shapes to teach about color and shapes, or substitute other small objects for extended play and learning opportunities.

For instance, have fun teaching your child the letters of the alphabet--fill half the wells with ten uppercase letters and fill the other half with the corresponding lower case letters. They must then match uppercase with lower case!

And then there are numbers--fill half the wells with the numbers 1 to 10 and the other half (this depends on the age of the child) with papers that have 1 to 10 dots on them, or have the numbers spelled out, or have simple addition or subtraction problems where the answers are the numbers in the wells.

There are so many ways to customize this set, but of course, you can simply use it as it comes!

Oh, here is another point to consider, and why we love matching games so much. Memory Caps is a game which pits child and adult at the same level. It levels the playing field.

Actually, if the truth be told, children seem to do better than adults in this game. You will find it refreshing to play a game in which your child can give you a run for your money. And your child will love it when they win. Especially when they realize they really won without you letting them win!

Memory Caps is made of high quality rubberwood, a renewable resource and it is colored with eco-friendly, low VOC aniline dyes.

This is the ideal game...educational, fun, not made in China and earth friendly!

The wood board measures about 12 inches long x 9 inches wide x 3/4 inches thick. The object wells are about 3/4 inch deep with a 1-1/4 inch diameter which means you can use many different types of objects in addition to the colored shapes supplied.

For ages 3 and up!

Made In Thailand