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Giant Wooden Pirate Ship

Giant Wooden Pirate Ship
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Sale Price: $89.95
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Our giant pirate ship is a very large, colorful and playful wooden toy. It comes with wooden sails, a cannon, play figures...even a chest of gold. It is a very impressive toy. It requires some assembly, but it should take you less than five minutes to have it ready for your child's awesome pirate adventure.

We call this the Giant Pirate Ship, so it must be big.

How big is it?

It measures a massive 24" in length, 11" wide and 25" to the top of the flag.

Quite naturally, the purpose of this web page is to sell you the giant pirate ship. And while that may be true, the purpose of this web page is to also tell you everything you need to know about the ship before you make the purchase. And that includes anything which may be considered negative.

Each ship and set of figures are hand crafted. Since the sets are not cut or painted by industrial robots, the pieces will not be flawless. There may be some paint drips or smudges. Many many people think the minor flaws add charm to the set, other people rather have a mass produced perfect looking toy. So, this set is not for everyone, but if you can appreciate the workmanship that goes into producing hand crafted products, then it is for you!

For ages 3 and up.

Oversized Item - Has its own shipping fee of $15.00, which does not combine with other items ordered at same time.