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Wooden Train Sets

When you scroll down, you will see we offer an excellent selection of wooden train sets for children. We have train sets in a wide range of prices and styles. And for a limited time, you can get our lowest prices ever for wooden train sets!

Many people ask if our train sets compatible with Thomas and Brio train sets because they like the great value and configuration of the wooden train sets we sell, but they want to buy (or have) some Brio or Thomas train track or cars.

As far as Brio is concerned, yes they are completely compatible, but Thomas is a little different.

Although most stores and web sites advertise these train sets as completely compatible with Thomas trains, the truth is they are not compatible with all Thomas trains. Thomas trains are made by Learning Curve, by Tomy and other companies. And each company makes various sizes of Thomas trains.

Thus, some Thomas trains will fit, and some won't. Thomas trains made by Learning Curve for their Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway System generally will fit, but Thomas trains by Learning Curve from their Take Along collector series of die cast trains do not fit at all (they don't fit Learning Curve's own wooden train system either).

So, if you want to use Thomas trains, make sure they are trains made by Learning Curve specifically for their Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway System.

By the way, as far as we know, none of the Thomas trains made by Tomy will fit on wooden train tracks. 

Therefore, do not purchase these sets if your intent is to create, expand or supplement a Thomas system unless you are sure you have the right size trains. We pride ourselves in being completely honest and upfront with you concerning this issue, and because of this we do not accept returns of opened sets because of compatibility issues.

But if compatibility is not an issue for you...what are you waiting for?

These are the sets to buy. They are great wooden train sets and cost a fraction of what you would pay for a Thomas or Brio train set!


There is one other issue we need to discuss about wooden train sets...the track.

What we are about to tell you holds true whether you buy a wooden train set from us, or from someone else. Wood is a live, natural product. And because it is, it may expand or contract depending on the temperature and humidity.

Thus, track is not cut to fit snugly together. This ensures that the track will couple together in all conditions. But it also means that sometimes the track comes apart, especially on soft surfaces such as carpet. Wooden train track can also come apart on portions leading up or down a hill.

Therefore, we advise that you set up wooden train systems on a hard surface such as wooden or tiled floor, on a table top, on a piece of plywood, on a train table, etc. Also, if you find segments leading up or down a hill causes some problems, it is best to glue the offending pieces together.

Remember, this information is true whether you buy your wooden train set from us or somewhere else. But we are the ones who care enough to tell you about it!

Maxim 37 Piece Figure Eight Train Set - 50104
Product ID : 5745
Enhanced Figure 8 Wooden Train Set (20804)
Product ID : 7139
Nuchi Big Railway Set (20820)
Product ID : 7140
Swivel Bridge Train Set (#704)
Product ID : 7239
City & Harbor 100 Piece Train Set
Product ID : 7309

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