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Welcome to Live And Learn's Parent/Teacher resources page. Below are links to informative articles, free online educational games and other resources to assist you in giving the children in your life a head start on tomorrow. We start this page with some favorite highlights!
Family Involvement Steps parents can take to improve their child's education!

Among students aged 10 to 13, more than 70 percent say they would like to talk to their parents more about their homework. And teachers say that increasing parental involvement in education should be the number one priority for public education in the next few years.

Age Appropriate Activities To
Help Children Grow!
Developmental Activities
For Birth to Age 1
Developmental Activities
For 1 To 2 Years
Developmental Activities
For 2 To 3 Years
Developmental Activities
For 3 To 4 Years
Developmental Activities For 4 To 5 Years

PARENT POWER Build the bridge to your child's success!

Breast-Feeding Or Formula? Make the right choice for your baby!
Nutrition Guide
A healthy diet for baby!
Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS) Safe sleep for babies. Ten ways to reduce the risk of SIDS!
Kid's Vaccines Everything you need to know about children's vaccinations!
Bedwetting What you should know about your child's bedwetting!
Pinkeye What you need to know about pinkeye, particularly in a group setting!
The Common Cold What you need to know about colds in a public setting!
Influenza Facts about influenza in the daycare setting!
Growth Milestones - 9 To 11 Years! Understand and help children ages 9 to 11 with the growing process!
Surfing With Children The WEB is a great place, but it can be dangerous. Tips for surfing with children!
Online Colors And Reading Game We are pleased to bring you this online game for children which will help them learn to read the basic color words and associate them with the proper color. Perfect for preschoolers, 5 year olds and 6 year olds. Parent hints and ideas are included. You are also invited to offer your hints and ideas for this game!
Online Math Game For Preschoolers Teach your preschooler math! We are proud to feature one of the only online math games for preschoolers! Terrific for children from age 4 to 6 years old. Parent hints and ideas are included. Please feel free to send us your ideas too. We would love to get your feedback. So, tell us what you think!

Is Your Child School Ready? Valuable information from the Dept. of Education!
Homework Helping Helping your children study or do homework can be a painless experience!
Child Check What one elementary school's PTA is doing to make sure students arrive safely at school!
School Bus Safety Facts and guide!
Learning Disabilities Everything you need to know about Learning Disabilities!
Improve A Child's Test Taking Skills Help children with test taking!
Learning To Write How to help improve a child's writing skills!
Choosing Daycare Making daycare a good experience.
NEW Toddler Food Timeline Common eating patterns of children from age 2 to 5!
NEW Safe-Food Tips For Preschoolers Ten terrific tips for ensuring your preschooler will have a safe and healthy eating experience.
Encourage Your Toddler To Make Music Why music is important for children!
Children's Videos Some thoughts about choosing quality, children's videos!
Book Reviews Everything from children's board books to story books. Send us your review too!
The Right Toy How to choose a safe and age appropriate toy for children!
Animals Word Search Print a preschooler's word search puzzle featuring the animal names found in our Animals Preschool Picture Book!
The Animated Picture Book We are proud to present our very own online Book Of Opposites for toddlers, preschoolers and beginner readers. But please note, the book needs to load special graphics which takes about a minute. Please be patient, once the page is fully loaded the graphic will animate at normal speed and be smooth!
Animals Preschool Picture Book Teach your child basic animal words with our free online adorable preschool picture book!

Baby Safety Checklist Is your (or your daycare provider's) baby equipment safe?
Childproof Your Home Listing of twelve safety devices to protect your children!
Protect Your Child Guidelines to help protect your children at home!
Car Safety Protect your children in the car!
The Danger Spots Grim, but valuable statistics from the CPSC. Learn where the danger spots are in your home. You might be surprised!
Pool Safety If you use a family pool, you must read this!
Escalator Safety Yes, people do get seriously injured on escalators. Don't let it happen to you!
How Children Cope With Grief Children deal with a loved one's death differently than adults.
Discipline Guidelines to discipline from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry!
Car Games Some games which will help pass the time during a long car ride or any other place you have time on your hands!
Everyday Shapes Teach your toddler basic shapes with this cute song!
Group Games A couple of fun games to play in a daycare, or other group setting for preschoolers and elementary aged children!
Parent Talk
Steve Barmash is here to tickle your funny bone.
Terrific Recipes
The Live And Learn Gourmet is here.
Kids Jokes
Enjoy a laugh and add your joke too.


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