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Teach children their basic shapes.

The following cute song is an excellent way to teach toddlers the basic shapes.

As you sing the song with your child trace your fingers in the air to make the shape. For instance, when you sing the line Same, same, same, same for the square, draw the imaginary lines of a square. Do likewise for the rectangle when you sing Long, short, long, short; for the triangle at Point, point,point; and for the circle, draw a circle in the air when you sing None could be found.

Sing to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot!
I'm an everyday shape,
Square is my name,
I have four sides that measure the same!
When you count my corners,
You'll count four -
Same, same, same same,
Corners four.

I'm an everyday shape,
Rectangle is my name,
I have four sides that don't measure the same!
When you count my corners,
You'll count four -
Long, short, long, short
Corners four.

I'm an everyday shape,
Triangle is my name,
I have three sides
Often measuring the same!
When you count my corners,
You'll count three
point, point, point - YES!
Corners three.

I'm an everday shape,
Circle is my name,
I have NO sides,
No straight edges remain!
If you count my corners
None could be found,
You must remember that
I'm perfectly round!

Doot Doodly oot Doot, Doot Doot!...optional :-)


Submitted and copyrighted by Maureen Barr. Thanks for letting us use the song Maureen!
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