Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror

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Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror
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Manufacturer: International Playthings
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Mirrors are an important developmental tool for the growing child. That is why you will find built-in mirrors as a feature on many baby toys. But baby really needs a nice sized mirror to observe, learn, develop, grow, etc., and the Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror is the perfect choice!

The Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror is large, but not overwhelming. The actual baby-safe, mirror surface has an ample 5-1/2 inch diameter, which is large enough for baby to observe and learn, but not too large.

The mirror's cute frame is highlighted with a bright Hello Kitty face at the top with a crinkle bow and two baby toys (bird and tulip) that are velcroed to the frame and can be detached, but not totally removed by baby. One baby toy has a built in squeaker, and the other is a rattle.

What sets the Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror apart from other baby mirrors on the market, besides being so darn cute, is that it is a multi functional can be attached to a crib or it can be propped up on the floor for tummy time!

In the olden days babies slept on their tummies and spent a good part of their day in that position. Experts now conclude that sleeping on the back is safest for babies, and it is not uncommon for infants to be on their backs all day as well, spending hours reclining in their car seats and strollers, as well as in their cribs.

So, baby needs some tummy time. In fact, pediatricians recommend infants spend at least 30 minutes per day engaged in tummy time. Tummy time not only gives your baby a different perspective of their world, but it encourages them to lift their heads. This, in turn, strengthens the muscles in their neck and upper back. And, your baby needs these strengthened muscles to reach important developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.

The Hello Kitty See And Play Mirror should be a part of baby's Tummy Time routine because it can play an integral part in baby's growth and development.

For ages birth and up.