German Alphabet Blocks

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German Alphabet Blocks
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Made In The USA!

German Alphabet Blocks

28 Embossed Blocks From Sustainable Wood

Each Block Measures A Large 1-3/4 Inches Square

This is a high quality embossed set of vintage style German Alphabet Blocks that will last a life time. Each beautiful block features embossed letters on two sides as well as numbers and animal pictures. The embossing gives depth and added detail to the blocks. Although the embossing appears to be carved, the designs are actually pressed into the wood under immense pressure.

Safety is very important to the manufacturer of these terrific blocks. The blocks feature safe beveled edges, and only non-toxic inks are used in coloring the blocks. Unlike similar blocks from other companies, the manufacturer of these blocks takes the added step to chamfer the upright edges of the blocks to eliminate sharp corners and make the blocks more comfortable to hold.

The German Alphabet blocks include the umlauts (the pair of dots above some vowels). Beside containing the alphabet, this set also features the numerals 0 to 9. This way, as children begin to recognize letters they will also learn their numbers. The blocks also have the printed name (in German of course) of each numeral beneath the number so that a child can learn how to spell and recognize the number words too. And if that wasn't enough, each block features a picture of a different animal with the name of the animal printed in German beneath the picture so that a child can also learn how to spell and recognize the animal names.

As you can see, these wooden blocks are more than a toy, they are a learning festival!

Wooden alphabet blocks are a classic simple toy with no bells or whistles. They have great play value, and are a valuable learning tool. Alphabet blocks help children learn language and arithmetic, build fine motor skills and improve spatial reasoning. No batteries, no moving parts...yet they are often a child's favorite toy.

This great set includes 28 blocks, and each block in this set is the size you may remember as a child. They measure approximately 1-3/4 inches square. They are not the smaller alphabet blocks you often see in stores these days. These may be German Alphabet blocks but they are hand made in the United States from sustainable Michigan basswood.

Recommended for ages 2 and up.


This product is considered an earth and eco friendly green toy. The manufacturer is concerned about our environment and uses only sustainable wood from farmed sources (planted and harvested on industry-managed land around the Great Lakes). Furthermore, their unique manufacturing process minimizes waste, both in their production and packaging.

The blocks are colored with specially tested non-toxic inks, and the blocks are minimally packaged in a box made of recycled corrugate.