Corolle My Mini Bath - By The Sea

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Corolle My Mini Bath - By The Sea
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Manufacturer: Corolle
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Corolle Mini Calin Doll FVP41
My Mini Bath By The Sea

Corolle has really outdone themselves with the Mini Bath By The Sea Gift Set. We are big fans of Corolle 8 inch mini dolls. The mini dolls are so cute and a great size for little ones on the go. Small enough for a child to carry with ease and also small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag. And now, this one can actually go into the bath with your child!

The Corolle Mini Bath By the Sea set includes a mini bath doll and a boat for enhanced play. The doll has hand painted brown eyes that look to the left, vinyl arms, legs and head, and a soft body.

Rather than using Corolle's traditional white watermarked cloth for the doll body, and then dressing the doll in an outfit, Corolle decided to use a new decorated cloth for the doll body. This gives the doll a dressed look, even though it is not really wearing an outfit.

So, the hot pink body with the happy starfish on the chest is actually part of the doll. Put the doll in the yellow plastic boat to sail the seven seas or have the doll dive into the water for a refreshing swim. Bath time will be fun time!

The mini bath doll can be used in the water or on dry land.

Recommended for ages 18 months and up.

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