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Price: $7.95
Product ID : 9125
Manufacturer: Vikingtoys
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VikingToys Froghoppers

A great new fun way to play classic Tiddly Winks. All you need to do is press down on the frog's body, and it jumps up and out. The object is to get your frog to jump into the bucket. You can play by yourself and see how many you can get in or play with your friends.

What we like about this game is that it can be played by nearly all ages, and age does not determine who will win. Younger children vs older children, children against adults, and of course it is a fun game for children to play with grandma or grandpa.

In fact, every grandparent should have a set in their arsenal for grandchildren visits.

Also, this is a great game for helping develop toddler finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Froghoppers come with 16 plastic frogs in four colors eager to hop back into their bucket. The frogs are red, blue, yellow and green; four of each color. All the frogs store neatly in the resealable bucket ready for the next time you play.

The diameter of the bucket is approximately 5 inches and it stands about four inches tall. Each frog is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches.

Froghoppers must be played on a hard surface such as tiled or hardwood floors or of course on a table top. Not for carpeted or other soft flooring.

Swedish design and made in Vietnam. Froghoppers are dishwasher safe.

Recommended for ages 3 and up, 1-4 players.

Color of bucket may vary.