I Have Card Game

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I Have Card Game
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This is a fast paced card game for children ages 5 and up. Although it is simple and fun to play, this is an educational game which helps children build letter recognition, and strengthen their reading vocabulary by using picture clues. This is a teacher tested game designed for families to play together. Developed in conjunction with The San Francisco School, this card game adopts teaching techniques that work in the classroom so children can learn while having fun at home.

How do you play?

Players are dealt the two sided (Who Has/I Have) picture cards.

The first player lays down an I HAVE card, let's say for instance it is an I HAVE A FISH card. The player would say 'I have a fish' and then flips the card over and reads the WHO HAS side of the card (let's say the WHO HAS side had a frog on it). 'Who has a frog' the player would say.

Everyone checks their cards, the first one to find an I HAVE A FROG card lays it down and says 'I have a frog'.

The player then flips over the card, reads the WHO HAS side of the card and the game continues. The first player to use all their cards is the winner.

There are 48 animal cards and 48 color cards. The sets can be used alone, or combined.

Besides playing the game as described, use your imagination and think of other ways to use the cards. One game we play with the cards is memory matching. Lay out two of each I HAVE animal cards face down in three rows of six. Then turn over two cards to see if they match. If they do, keep them and try to make another match. If not, turn them back over and another person tries to make a match. Play until all the cards are won!

Another way to use the cards is as Flash Cards. Use them to teach spelling by showing the card to the child with your finger covering the animal's or color's name. Read the card. 'I have a fish.' Then ask, 'Can you spell fish?'

Depending on the skill set and age of the child, you may only want them to guess the letter with which the word begins.

Experiment with the cards. Use your imagination with this game, and all the games you have at home! 

For ages 5 and up.