Small Djembe

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Studen Djembe
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Student Djembe

A Small Djembe For Classrooms
But Ideal For An Adult As Well!

Carved from a single log of hardwood, and brightly adorned and decorated on the foot in traditional fashion, our student sized djembe features a rope tuning system and a natural skin top.

Yes, this is the real thing!

The djembe is one of the most versatile percussion instruments in the world. They are easy to play, and can create multiple sounds. In fact, a master djembe player can elicit so many sounds from the instrument, a listener would think they are hearing many different drums being played at once.

Due to their size, and the coordination involved to play the djembe, our student sized djembe is specifically geared to children ages 5 and up, as well as for adults. Yes, although it is student sized, adults can play it as well.

This finely crafted instrument is made of solid wood with a high gloss finish and a hand painted foot. It stands about twelve inches tall and has a nicely sized all natural tunable goat skin head with a diameter of approximately six inches. This Djembe is made from beautiful mahogany wood.

Made in Indonesia.