Lauri Large Pegboard & Tall Stacker Pegs

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Lauri Large Pegboard & Tall Stacker Pegs
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Manufacturer: Lauri
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This classic Lauri peg set entertains and educates children at the same time. This set can be used to build essential fine-motor skills, can teach or reinforce color recognition in very young children, and it can be used to teach a wide variety of math skills.

Included with the set is a list of suggested activities including memory games, counting, patterning, matching colors, and more!

Children love playing with this set by themselves, but the true value of the Large Pegboard & Tall-Stacker Peg set comes through with adult interaction.

Kids will think they're just having fun with this educational toy, but with adult supervision they'll be sorting, counting, adding, subtracting and making colorful designs too.

Plus, the tall-stacker pegs are designed to do exactly as the name lets on - stack!

Kids will love to see how high they can stack the pegs. And, an interesting note, the Tall Stacker Peg sets are widely used by occupational therapists in their work with senior citizens to improve their fine motor skills and finger dexterity or to provide a simple activity they can do while standing. 

Includes Lauri's famous 11-1/2 inch square Crepe Rubber pegboard with 100 peg holes, 50 plastic pegs. You get 10 each of red, green, yellow, blue and orange pegs. Pegs measure over two inches tall! Extra pegs are also available for super stacking fun!

Safe and appropriate for 2 years and up!

Packaging and colors may vary.