Madeline Rain Poncho - Small

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Madeline Rain Poncho - Size Small
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Price: Coming Soon
Product ID : 8757
Manufacturer: Yottoy
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Coming Soon


Not for children under age 3 due to possible entaglement.


The Madeline Rain Poncho is a very nice and practical item for a young Madeline fan. It is made from a medium weight vinyl that has a sateen-like finish. The vinyl isn't clingy or staticky, so not only does it look good, it feels good too!

The outside of the poncho is a pretty blue print design and has a bright, colorful patch attached featuring our friend, Madeline.

When you receive the Madeline Rain Poncho you will say, Wait a second, I didn't order a Madeline purse. That's right, you didn't. It may look like like a purse, but when you open it, and pull out the material...the purse magically becomes a rain poncho--with the purse becoming a zippered pocket on the front of the poncho...soooo cooool!

And folding it back inside itself so that it looks like a purse again--not too difficult. You will get the hang of it 1-2-3.

BTW: Here are the dimensions for this really cool poncho.

Madeline Rain Poncho Dimensions

This rain poncho should fit most girls ages 4 to 7.

In case you need a larger version of this terrific rain poncho, we have a Large Madeline Rain Poncho as well :-)

Oh, the Madeline Rain Poncho also has a backpack clip attached to it for securing to your child's backpack.