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Animals With Three Letters

In continuing our efforts to provide you with the best online material for children from birth to age ten, Live And Learn is proud to present our preschool picture book. The book has been developed to assist you in teaching your child basic words. This chapter is devoted to animal names with three letters.

The Preschool Picture book is ideal for beginner readers, preschoolers and toddlers.

Beginner readers get a sense of pride when they read the text to you, particularly if you respond with statements such as "Terrific, you're such a good reader!" So, make sure you give positive feedback to your beginner reader even if you have to help with certain words.

Preschoolers and toddlers will take delight in sitting with you, looking at the pictures and bonding with you as you read the text to them, and talk about the pictures.

For each animal there is first a picture of the animal, followed by a scene with the animal.

Remember, if you are looking at the pictures with a preschooler or toddler it is important to spell the words, talk about the the animal and discuss the pictures and scenes. Use each page as a jumping off point for further learning scenarios.

For instance, first look at the picture of the dog and say it, spell it and say it again as is done in spelling bees and then ask the child to spell it for you--"Dog, D-O-G, Dog. Let me hear you spell dog". And after reviewing the dog picture scene, look at your little one and say "Dogs say woof, woof, let me hear you bark like a dog." Or say, "Look at the dog wag his tail. Can you point to his tail?" And so on. Be sure to point out the different objects in each picture and talk about them. In doing so, you will use each picture to its fullest teaching capacity.

Have we go.



Picture of dog.

Scene with dog.
The dog has a bone.


Picture of cat.

Scene with cat.
The cat plays with yarn.


Picture of rat.

Scene with rat.
The rat eats cheese.


Picture of bat.

Scene with bat.
The bat flies at night.


Picture of pig.

Scene with pig.
The pig likes to lay in mud.


Picture of bee.

Scene with bee.
The bee likes flowers.


Picture of hen.

Scene with hen.
The hen lays eggs.


Picture of cow.

Scene with cow.
The cow eats grass.


Picture of fox.

Scene with fox.
The fox can climb trees.

The End!
We hoped you enjoyed our preschool Animals picture book.

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